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Seedsman order.

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by J&Jfarms, Jun 2, 2017.

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    Im going to start out saying i love the vault seed bank and have used them 3 other times. But recently they are unable to take debit/credit cards due to political bullshit. It is by no meams their fault at all.

    Sorry @George - The Vault

    So i decided to give seedsman a go. They accept cards. Maybe the vault should take to them.. Also they have a point system for money you spend.

    Anyways, i want to change one of my strains i grow to a sativa becuz sativas are hard to come by nowadays.

    I ordered silver mountain by bodhi. Its a haze/chem mix which sounds amazing.

    Order placed 6/1
    Order shipped 6/2
    Package delivered 6/7
    Everything arrived

    I will update this as i get updates
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  2. That was quick
  3. That was very fast. I'm a vault fan too, but I haven't ordered since they stopped taking prepaid cards. I still don't understand Bitcoin and I'm on the verge of giving up.

    How good was the stealth shipping from seedsman? My seeds always go through Chicago Customs and the only seed bank that I never had a problem with is the vault.
  4. My seeds went through LA customs. So i have to say its good.
  5. I will never order from seedsman again. I hear through the grapevine that shipping to America can be troublesome for them but they will take your money and don't care weather you get your seeds or not!
    "experience is the best teacher"
  6. I have ordered from them 3 times now and no issues... Get my order within a week. Also had an issue with 1 order and they were very quick to fix it ( ordered the wrong seeds )

    Problem now is tbey are not taking any credit cards... I tried bit coin but i cant figure it out
  7. I just ordered from Seedsman yesterday (4-1) and I paid with a debit card. Got an email confirmation that payment had gone through 3 hours later. Got another email today that said order had been shipped. I'll post when they arrive. Peace, Comrades

  8. Received my order from Seedsman today. Couldn't be happier. Placed order on 4/1. Got email 4/3 saying order received. Another email on 4/5 confirming shipment. Order arrived 4/13 (today). 10 - Gorilla Cookies (fem), 10 - Maturo Blue (fem) + freebies 3 - Northern Soul (fem), 3 - Mama Mia (fem). I think I found my new seedbank. Peace. Phezisica
  9. Not my experience at all. Open communication. Ordered 4/1, received order 4/13. All good. Peace, Phezisica
  10. Curious if anyone on here is ordered from herbiesheadshop lately. And if so how long did it take to get your order? I'm ordering from the U.S.Maine.
  11. I've never had any issues with Seedsman either. Any time I've contacted them, I've had a response within 24hrs. I receive my orders within about 2 weeks of shipping. I'm just a huge fan because they still take cards.

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