Seedsman having BIG Halloween deals!

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  1. I’m not in any way an advocate. Just checked the site today and saw the Halloween special.

    I don’t know how to knock on Seedsman. Every single seed I’ve ever gotten from them has germinated. Over 20. This cannot be said for Nirvana, or even Mephisto. I’ve ordered three times from Seedsman. Never took more than 10 days. Growing their blueberry strain now, and it’s excellent. So frangesnt.

    Anyway. Just wanted to share that Seedsman has some killer deals about to hit.

    2 free fastbuds blue dream with any three pack
    A lot of BOGO free seeds

    Can’t wait.
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  2. I wonder if I will loose the free black sugar fend I have in my cart that we're get a free 3 pack when you buy a seedsman 3 pack.

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  3. I got
    Fastbuds GSC and Green crack 3 each, 20 a pack
    Dutch Passion Ultimate Auto x1
    Expert Seeds Gg4xCheese auto x1
    Pyramid Seeds Super Hash Auto x1

    With just that, I did the breeders that offered deals... with those seeds not counting the big 17 free on promo, I got...
    4 fastbuds Cali snow auto free
    2 Dutch passion critical orange punch auto free
    3 Seedsman Amnesia Auto free

    So that’s my “75 euros” between shipping etc it somehow was 106 American dollars... kinda pissed about that.

    But the 17 freebies Halloween pack includes Dinafem, Dutch passion, Humboldt seeds, fastbuds, and a few other good brands.

    Well worth it IMO

    Hundred bucks and should have atleast 30 quality seeds
  4. How's the payment like? Easy to use a prepaid card? Had a bad experience after using Payofix so trying to avoid using my actual cards.
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  5. Ordered on the 1st and the order still isn’t even out the Seedsman door yet....
  6. Just use Bitcoin you get another extra 8 free seeds! I spent about $100 and got 16 seeds for that I paid for then 27 freebies between Halloween, Bitcoin

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  7. Has your order shipped?

    Mine still hasn’t.
  8. SeedsMan is the only site i buy from and it's very trustworthy ! But! Be careful when using Credit Cards..what i do is, i have a credit card with 0$ balance in it and when i want to buy something from the net i just go to the bank, make a deposit and then i proceed with buying in order to protect the money from being stolen/hacked/etc. cause i was a victim about 1 month ago they hacked a website i used to buy stuff from and they stole from me 223 $ because i had my MAIN card on careful guys, take care, happy stoning !

    Just be patient, they usually ship your order within 1-2 weeks after purchasing !
  9. Just woke up to the speed email this morning. Was getting a little worried but figured they were getting slammed during the promotion. I ordered on the 2nd

    That said I had an unrelated question I opened a ticket for and got a response very quick as it's usually the case with seedsman
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    Yeah buddy mine shipped yesterday! Was your shipping question possibly related to the fact that 3x amnesia auto seeds were an auto freebie won’t the purchase of 30 bucks or whatever, and in the 17 bundle has 3 amnesia freebies, so I’m expecting 6 amnesia freebies... was that your question by chance?

    Looking at the quantity of what I’m expecting, 27+ seeds hopefully, this should last me two or so years worth of grows..... damn!!!!
  11. Seedsman is very much legit n u aint gotta worry bout ur card being scammed by them at all

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  12. No my issues was I tried playing my order six times and two different debit cards if mine were locked out by the bank and I couldn't do anything until that coming Monday.

    Had a few snafus getting coinbase to work and had them pull money from an actual CC but at that point I had been ordering and having to reorder (long process) so many times half on my computer and the other half in my phone I forgot to add insurance and opened a ticket asking if I could still add the insurance as it would still be a few days until it shipped and also asked for the vendor packages. Someone named Alex said they could not add the insurance which sucked and didn't make much sense to me but they probably literally get thousands of orders during these big sale so I kind of get it.

    Alex was cool and did offer to throw in the vendor packs at no cost to me but I still wish I could have added the insurance and I'm kinda shook now as I'm stuck with couple bag seeds if it gets flagged by customs.

    This is my fifth and largest order from them and I've never had an issue before so I'll just keep my fingers crossed.
  13. I seen a site that is cheaper than seedsman. Site is a little crappy but they do deliver. Big Inventory. Its called the roots seeds.Worth a check.
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    Anxiously watching the mail...doubt it’ll be here today but who knows

    I wondered wtf was taking the mailman so long today. It’s Veterans Day. Urg won’t be here today for sure. There goes my fun :/
  15. Ok?

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