SeedsMan?? good bank??

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  1. hey
    i am thinking of ordering from seedsman

    did anyone here had any expiriance with them?
    are they to be trusted?

    i am not from the us if u ask i saw they dont ship there.

    also if i alredy opened a thread (first here by the way)

    do u think indica gives u a good high
    or sativa is better if u smoke for high and not for pain and stuff
  2. Hybrids have both the high and some body, try to find one plant with all the effects that you like...or grow lots of each like me.

    Sam the Seedsman used to be good, there are better now for sure. If you don't have money, go with Mandala, Nirvana, KC Brains, if you have some cash, you have a ton of choices. Lately, I have really liked what I am getting from TGA's seeds. Half expensive. Find a keeper and clone that baby. Good luck.

  3. thanks man

    i must say i made a little mistake
    i accidently ordered nothern lights from seedsman

    and as i read later i discovered its 100% indica

    now i also read that indica is better for first timers
    but i see sativa got way more fans

    and also i would like to have like a creative mind blowing high.
    and as i see indica is more of a sleepy high.

    does indica also have some feutures of head high?

    but hey maybe i will just grow northern lights and later on order some sative. and maybe like get a male sativa to connect with a female northern lights to have some hybrid seeds .
    sounds like fun:)

    oh also
    will indica give me like an high of enjoying watching movies and listening to music
    or will just shut me down?
  4. NL? oh, you'll be high alright, you will just be couch locked with it. I got one once that I couldn't move on, the clicker was like a foot away, and I just watched bad tv for two hours until I could get that clicker....hilarious. Easy to grow, great stone, deffinately high though, just grow it!

    Sativa's are unruly and picky feeders, and can be hard to grow. They want to be 15ft tall, confining them to a 5 ft headspace indoors requires know how and planning.

    hybrids are easier, in that they have the characteristics of both in 'high' and easier to grow plants like the Indies are.

    If you are sensitive to couch lock, harvest your plant with all clear trichomes, don't let them go orange, and smoke less...your stash will last you for a lot longer too...

    NL is a great plant.

  5. thanks alot man
    i really appritiate the tips

    by the way i think what i will do is .

    start harvesting the plant slowly
    like taking one bud at a time

    few when they are clear and few later
    or maybe i should just harvest one plant while they are clear
    and one abit later

    and another one in the final stage
    so then i can choose what high I want

    that could be cool :)
  6. You don't wanna harvest when they're clear man, that's a waste. Cloudy is more of a head high, while amber color is more of a body high.
    I would just stick with that NL you have to get your first grow under your belt.
    And chopping off one bud at a time for awhile would probably just keep shocking the plant.

  7. ok i understand ..
    maybe i should harvest one plant when they get a lillte bit cloudy
    and the other two when they get ready
  8. I'll be honest with you brobro,

    My first grow was Seedsman White Widow and did it outdoors.

    I have to say while it did not really live up to all the hype that I was reading about the white widow, but it did produce very nice nugs. The scent of them was mildly floral and almost unnoticeable.

    They grew very well, and I say would say that based on this experience I would consider them a decent company. Not crappy, not like super duper but for the first timer hey they're cheap seeds they were fem'd for like 35$ and I saw that as a killer deal.

    However, as I've aged in my horticultural skills I've discovered that I would rather pay a lot more for some really nice genetics. Seedsman I read is more of a reseller than a breeder from what I understand.

    you can get some from the attitude thats where I make my orders.

    good luck to you man

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    i thought about ordering from attitude.
    but i dont know what

    i was thinking about a automatic feminised hybrid
    do u have any suggestions??
    something easy to grow .

    and in a low quantty like 2,3 seeds.

    any way first thing is first
    i wanna get done with my first grow and then if i want i might order again and this time with some knowledge :)

    but my friend might order some as well so if u have good recomandations that has alot of sativa in it it will be great oh and should be auto :) cus even though i will buy a timer
    i think i will have plantes at diffrent stages in the same place so if they are auto there wont be no problem. :)

    so thanks alot guys i hope my order will get to me soon (like a day or two i think)
    or maybe i will get arrested or something :(

    btw i just made a stupid mistake
    i saw the movie half baked not high stupid me :)
  10. I have ordered from Herbie's head shop a few times and always received my seeds withing 2 weeks.
    As for a auto strain, I've heard about a strain called the "auto pounder" I looked up the info one time, but I was really high haha. I'll check around for it though...
  11. its been already two weeks and i didnrt get it
    i guess custumes got it :(

    any ways i also ordered from attidude a few days ago so i hope this will get to me.
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    You need to be wary of Seedsman as a reseller. Apparently he has been selling knock of cheap fems and labelling them as Greenhouse Genetics. Apparently when Arjan found out, he was not a happy man.

    Dear DeafGeoff,
    The above statement is very far from the truth, apparently your sources are not well informed I'm afraid.
    We sell many seeds.  All are sold in their original packaging unless customers request their removal.
    We have been trading over ten years now and are not in this business to defraud our customers.
    We buy from many suppliers who also work for other seed companies and some confusion can occur due to the naming of these strains.
    The issue you mentioned here resulted just from such confusion - we purchased seeds from a supplier that used GHS strain names. This has been sorted immediately inline with Greenhouse's request.
    Please note those seeds are sold as bulk unbranded seeds on our wholesale site only ( they were never offered in retail.
  14. You should try Nirvana.
  15. Hahaha Seedsman on here replying to the guy who threw the name under the bus xD
  16. Thanks seedsman for replying to this thread. It tells me that you are paying attention to your customer base. I plan on ordering from you in a couple of days. Going to take advantage of the Black Friday - Cyber Monday deal.
    I let everybody know about my experience when it occurs
  17. I know this is an old thread but, seedsman is on point. Awesome distributor. Received in the U.S..
  18. How long, round about, did it take for seedsman to reach you in the US nugznbudz? I just ordered a couple days ago and am curious how long I can expect to wait.
  19. just ordered a big one from seedsman.
    fingers crossed I get the items, then they grow, and grow to what they are named as..
    its a big ask and hope I can give good feedback..
  20. also I spent 125 pounds, 240$ Australian dollars and the order came with a shit load of freebies.
    I opted for stealth packaging, I will post a pic of my order when it arrives if it arrives

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