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  1. Have only ever used Seedsman both before and during the pandemic. Am looking forward to the 4/20 sales event so I went to their site to browse. It seems that now they can only sell certain seeds to certain countries. I don't know if it applies to all seeds but every seed I checked was NOT available in my country (The US). So now I am looking for an alternate source for quality seeds. I've browsed the forums here but find either old posts or conflicting info on being scams or quality issues. Currently I'm leaning towards ILGM, but any input would be welcome. Personal use grow, feminized photoperiods, only grow 5 at a time but would like to have a decent selection to choose from. Usually a 4/20 sale buy of about $120 would get me plenty with the freebies to last a year or so from Seedsman. Their selection and prices can't be beat but useless to me now so looking for a replacement.
  2. I've always been pleased with Sannie's service and products
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  3. The attitude seedbank, it's kind of hard to navigate if your new to the site but I always recommend it.
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  4. How's delivery times to the U.S?
  5. There are a lot of US banks with a wide variety of strains.
    I'll be very surprised if you can't find seeds from well known european breeders from one of them.

    What strain(s) are you looking for?
  6. The only strain that I really want is Vision Seeds Pure Gelato. Will do 2 of those and three others just to mix it up a bit and for variety. I don't know what it is about Vision's Pure Gelato but I have yet to grow anything to match it. Absolutely Superb. Absurdly easy to grow, yield that exceeded their own projections and quality second to none. Far and away the best I've ever smoked, and I grew it myself, amazing.
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    The attitude seedbank carries vision seeds pure gelato, I grew vision seeds blueberry bliss auto not too long ago and it was amazing. Also if you want an amazing strain that grows easy pick yourself up a pack of mazar x white rhino by world of seeds on the attitude, by far the best strain I've ever smoked and the quickest flowering photofem I've ever grown, mine were done in 51 days.
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  8. S L O W, not Sannies fault but it's just the way the mail runs
  9. I was wrong.
    Out of a dozen or so US banks, I could only find one that carried Vision, but it didn't have your strain.
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    would you try a UK based seedbank?
    The Vault

    they have the Vision Seeds Pure Gelato in stock.

    I've done a comparative grow thru The Vault last spring on a Dutch Passion grow, really nice swedbank to deal with. I've used Seedman also in the past, not aware of their current US limitations on strains but while I never had issues with Seedsman they were always slow - no complaints because I always got my order and lots of freebies but nice to find faster sources.

    BTW, when looking up your Pure Gelato, I see one of her parents is Sunset Sherbet. I'm on day 10 of growing a Sunset Sherbet. I've been growing nothing but Auto's for almost the last 3 years so she is my new little "photoperiod" project LOL
    thinking of taking a cutting from her and trying a Canna-Bonsai tree :)

    sorry, just medicated so I got a bit chatty and wordy! Good luck on your seed search, Maybe The Vault can help ya.

    EDIT: just looked at Vision Seeds line. They even have some auto's. Never heard of this breeder before but would like to try a few of their offerings now when I get a chance. Their seeds are also somewhat less expensive than the other breeders I typically buy from regardless of seedbank - definately no complaints there! always nice to get a 5-pak for the same price most others are only 3-packs :) :) :)
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