seedsdirect delivers 5 days (WOW)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by bubblegum_man20, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. OH yea they are here bubblegum,skunk#1,northern light, and white widow and away i must go seeya

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  2. kool grow on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 24 hrs later and i have 7 tales out of 10 bubblegum seeds saven the rest for a couple weeks got to go seeya and good luck
  4. bubblegum is set for a while 8 out of 10 so i moved on to the next pack white widow and 48 hrs later i have again 8 out of 10 not given up on the others maybe they will pop soon i will try keep you all posted on wazup good luck seeya
  5. I wonder how long seedsdirect will contineu shipping to the US
  6. They cant stop what they cant see seeds direct was very disscreet i will deal with them again soon all i can say is WOW WHAT SERVICE Thanks!!!!!
  7. yeah they can't stop what they can't see, but America is putting a lot of pressure on other governments to stop illegal drugs coming into their country.
  8. total so far germanation bubblegum end up at 8/10 white widow ended with 9/10 and northern lights ended up at 8/10 so around 85% germanation rate better than i thought i would end up with got one more pack of seeds skunk #1 goning to save them till i get some more room . they were free with my order , i was wondering has anyone tried these skunk seeds before, and are they any good yeild and smoke wise any input on skunk #1 strain would help thanks
  9. Someone has some skunk #1 seeds on the way ???? i wonder who is going to receive these seeds any guesses ?? anyone ?? to whom this may concern hope they work like mad little monkeys for you good luck!!!!!!!!!
  10. What kind of box or envelope did it come in? Im thinking of buying some Nl from them for next years OG, and im contimplating if i can get it past my parents.
  11. the seeds come double envolope and the seeds are in a plastic sleeve so they don't get crushed and a persons name and address not seeds direct address so it looks like personal mail,,,,,,,,,didn't draw much attintion good luck
  12. I have been using emery seeds, he is very trusting and he dose the same with the adress and packging, I tried to goto and it said" This domain has been registered for future use. " wtf dammit

    hava nice day
  13. alright fine iwent under yahoo and its under .tu , confusing but its a nice site, thanks
  14. If you want a link to seedsdirect or heavens stairway sites ll you have to do is scroll this page all the way up to the top and hit the links button, read down till you see the appopriate category and linkon over from here in the City.
  15. two and a half months later we have 3bg 5ww 6nl left sexing them as we type hoping to get a couple mommas out of the deal ,,,had a bad problem with the bgs for some reason spidermites realy loved them alot as i lost 6 of them then i saved one by cloning but it may die also i will be happy if i get 1 ww mom and 1 nl mom, still have the skunk 1 seeds around to try later good luck all
  16. seedsdirect doesn't always deliver in 5 days... its been 8 days for me and still counting. if i don't get them tomorrow i will undergo spontaneous human combustion.
  17. do a grow journal, everyone loves those ;)
  18. i wonder if they were to track the people that order that stuff, doesnt it seem a lil suspicious?
  19. i ordered from seedsdirect too and its been about 2 weeks and my order status still hasnt changed from pending cc. i guess its different for everyone

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