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  1. I just picked up some good mids with nice looking seeds in it, is there a way to tell which seed is the most healthiest?
  2. Only use the ones tht are a darker brown and kinda big, a good way to tell is by giving it a lil squeeze, little seeds tht are light green or white are premature therefore not viable.
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    light brown seeds can also be good. As long as they are solid and mature, small seeds grow fine. Pure Sativa plants usually have tiny seeds.

    You can grow kickass bud with seeds from mids, as long as they have good genetics, which is impossible to know until you grow them out, flower, dry, cure, and smoke the bud.
    Midgrade weed is mass-produced, your grow will get only the best and lots of attention and care (right?) so there is every chance you could grow some of the best sh*t you ever smoked. Or at least something better than what the seeds came from.
  4. So are mids males and or hermis?, New thread... What's is Mid/Regs? A mix of all types?
  5. ^^^ no way to tell really except to grow them out. A male plant could have pollinated or there could have been a herm in teh grow room. You will never know the strain of the mids/regs unless your dealer tells you. If you grow them out it is a genetic gamble, I have grown out bag seed a couple times once it was wonderful and most others it was just mid grade crap.
  6. One person's midgrade is another's schwag. If it's full of seeds you can't really call it midgrade I don't think.

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