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  1. a kid i know is going to sell me 2 seeds for 50$.. is that good or bad? (not exactly sure what kind they are yet)
  2. dont do it!!! thats a horrible price! and im sure that kid just pulled em out of a bag of mids or something. Look onlline for places that ship to the US. Usually you can get 10 for $20 or $30 of seeds with very good genetics.
  3. bad idea. just buy a bag and take the seeds out of that.
  4. Rip off man. Seeds for what? You don't know.
  5. Unless he gives you a strain and some kind of proof with the bud it came with, don't do it. For a $50 bag of a 1/8 you could easily get a few seeds
  6. lol same shyt happened with this one kid i knew well my friend says these "Amsterdam" seeds from "Mark Emery" were $50 a pop.

    funny lil hustlers arn't they.
  7. $50 for two seeds is a total rip. Glad you asked here before being scammed dude.
  8. you should beat his ass for tryin' to pull that shit.
  9. Hell no!
  10. dude thats an awesome price, dont listen these guys. that is amazing for two seeds. dude i got about thirty i can spot you for say, 300. pm me.

  11. WORD!
  12. Wow... you should shoot him just for suggesting that. Last time I actually bought seeds that were all amazing strains and I payed $20 for a hundred. That's a decent deal, but never pay more than $1-$2 a seed unless you're buying from a popular seed bank such as GC who is legit.
  13. ok thanks guys we had already decided that it was bs and weve started asking other people

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