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  1. Need some advice for next year for seeds want to start ordering alott so next year i can get more out ? Any advise is appreciated.:hello::hello::hello:
  2. Well what are you looking for? I don't know what kind of bud you like.. :p

    Give us more info, what are you're parameters?
  3. Well there are a lot of seeds out there. What is your price range, indoor outdoor, auto/photo, short or tall, etc,etc.
  4. Outdoor please i'm in Pa and price is not a big deal would like big stinky buds , first grow this year and doing ok but need good seed quality Thank you .
  5. You should look into cloning so you can grow all year round. And of course grow inside. Why waste money on seeds when once you have them you can grow forever. Ohh, did I mention that it's illeagal to ship seeds to the US?
  6. Ok I have a few questions. First ill begin that I'm using bag seed with rapid rooter plugs.
    1) how long do I let the sprout come out the top of the.plug till I take it and put it n my dwc
    2 after putting in my plugs and my tray should I cover and mist the sprouts?
    3) back to the sprouts covered or not? Light or not? They sprouted 2 days ago.
    Thanx in advance

  7. Start a new thread.
  8. wait until january and buy from mandala's web site. they've got some rockin genetics and prices.

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