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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4209, May 22, 2010.

  1. hi i got 5 bag seeds 3 in their shells and 2 not in shells will all my seeds work ?
  2. not in in they are cracked open...doubtful they will work... just plant them all in beer pong cups with some good soil...only real way to tell haha, i found seeds in a bag from the dispensary that looked almost to immature to sprout, but today, i awoke to a nice little green sprout hehe check my pick up thread i put a pic there
  3. Just a bit of info; if the seeds are a brownish color then those seeds are good. If you're trying to grow something out of the light colored seeds, you won't have much luck.

    And if the seeds are out of the their shells, I would just toss those out and use the other ones. Good luck!
  4. ^^^ thats pretty much how it goes hahaa, i was 100% sure i had immature seeds tho, they were on the way lighter side of seed coloring, but alas, i have 1 sprout out of 3 so 1 was ready to go hahahha

  5. theyre not cracked open theyre just white
    ye i seen your plant good luck with the growing :hello:

  6. ye thanks three are good and two of them are kinda white

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