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  1. Hello everyone!!! can anyone help by telling me what is the best strain of seeds to us if i live in hawaii
  2. ToakABowl,

    I was just wondering you are asking about what seeds strain is best in your area, will you be growing indoors or outdoors??
    Let us know what yer method will be and then i can certainly help you out by letting you know what would be the best type of strain for you to grow in your area !!

    Toke care,

  3. Budguy

    I'm gonna grow out doors and yes i'm looking for the best strain for my area
  4. How long is the growing season? This is very important info as well,when choosing seed...

  6. Any good sativa strong strain will do well in that area...what comes to mind is...

    Island Bud.. good yielding indica/sativa cross. Large Christmas tree shape, with a perfumy smell and sweet, fruity flavor. Height 6 to 7 feet. Flowering time 8 wks. Yield 1/4 to 3/4 lb,,,,, outdoor .

    Durban Poisin..consistent plants loaded with resin. can reach 6 to 9 feet. Flowering time 8 weeks outdoor, 10 inside.

    Maui Mist..Sativa high with a beautiful tropical scent. Good yield of connoisseur buds. F-1 hybrid. Height 5 to 6 feet Flowering time 70 to 75 days Yield up to 150 grams.

    Or even good 'ol skunk#1.or Hawaiian...plenty of choices for the outdoor there..pick one,,,check the seedbanks ......ask the locals about usual season charactaristics....when you decide to plant...

  7. NdicaBud,

    when is the best time to start these seeds?
  8. Right now!!!!! Start them now. At your latitude, the sunlight is gaining everyday and you need to get the seeds germed and in the ground before anymore time has passed. After Summer equinox, daylight begins to fade with darkness coming quicker and this is the trigger to begin flowering.
  9. BPP hit that nail on the 'ol head.......


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