Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, May 8, 2004.

  1. Can I get high from smoking seeds? I have like 7 seeds here, and im wondering if I break these bad boys and smoke em, will I get high.

    I do have some weed, but just incase I need some more smoke, will these seeds work?

  2. Fuck the weed man! smoke those seeds! they get you really really high. I never smoke bud if there's seeds around.

    ps. wear safety goggles
  3. that shits gonn abe like a nuke goin off

    No shit! one seed is bad enough, imagine a whole fucking bowl of em...

    He's gonna have scars for life
  5. spark it. :)
  6. i add seeds to my bowls for flavor and more THC mmmmm seedy
  7. Oh yea, seeds are so well known for there wonderfull smell and smooth smoke :rolleyes:

  8. LMAO!!!
  9. Ill take that as a no?:p

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