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Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Nessy09, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. k, i am looking for a place where I can get white widow seeds (all female of course) for a little less moeny than what the cheapest I have found has been. 205 US dollars is, so far, the most in-expensive bundle (10) of seeds I have been able to come with. If anyone knows where I can get them for less (any other high quality outdoor strain will also suffice) please let me know. Thanx a bundle.

  2. Click on seed lists to search for White Widow.http://www.emeryseeds.com/search.cgi

    You're best bet is getting seeds that aren't feminized and just take cuttings for clones once you've weeded out the males.
  3. Yeah, how do I do that, though? I've heard a whole ass load about cloning. but i have no idea how to come up on it
  4. I was confused on cloning plants myself... but luckily I got this very helpful link from a guy on another message board...

    Here is the link:


    Good Luck on finding seeds! :D
  5. WWW.EMERYSEEDS.COM is a good place to buy seeds. There are a lot of different kins of seeds there. Im sure you will find something.
  6. www.ukseedsupplies.com has white widow....for $15 for a pack of strain 10...don't know if their any good as i'm only new at this....hope this helps....peace out...Sid

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