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  1. What. Do you think?
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  2. very suspect imo :watching:
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  3. They are definitely seeds dude

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  4. And don't let a seed, here and there worry you. Many strains when they get deep into flowering will put out a few nanners, for survival.

    Carefully look over the whole plant, and see if it is a widespread problem. If it is I wouldn't run the strain again. If it is just 1-2 every here and there, I wouldn't worry about it.
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  5. It was just a couple tops I plucked them out and harvested it. Just waiting on cure now but the test bud was good.
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  6. I dont know that you can just cross 2 strains and get any consistent results. It takes more than just pollinating one plant with another. The traits of the plant wont stabilize, so If you crossed cheese with anything, all the plants may litterally be all different...
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  7. Yes and then you back cross your favorite one (since there will be groups of common phenomena types) back to the parent you want to strengthen its traits. There is alot more to it but basicly you just keep breading the pheno you like until you get consistent beans that produce they same thing.
  8. Look into colloidal silver it helps get you feminized seeds since I am assuming you dont have massive space to run multiple pheno hunts and breeding rooms.
  9. Awesome I love to see that
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