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  1. I noticed these on my girls today. Not sure if it’s a seed pod?


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  2. Some pre flowers develop a little round inclusion that looks like a miniscule seed but it never grows. I have a couple of strains that do that too. My F1 Chem4 x Skunk #1 plants do that but the buds wind up seedless. Give it a couple weeks and youll know for sure lol
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  3. I did have a few males on the property because I wanted to pollinate a few branches. Maybe the pollen made it into the green house. I guess only time will tell. I just don’t want my buds full of seeds!

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  4. Looks like a swollen calyx and pistils. I dont see any male parts in those pics.
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  5. He isn't asking if it looks like a hermaphrodite. He's asking if that little ball that came out of the female calyx is a baby seed. He has males on the property and is worried about accidental pollination.
  6. I have the same issue. I had a large male Super Star Dawg plant with my ladies until late July and it actually pollinated my Big Perm cloneswhich are my earliest blooming plants. I wound up with a couple hundred seeds from preflowers and young buds but I got the male out of there asap and now the plant is growing seedless colas. It will have ten or twenty seeds per ounce but definitely won't be fully seeded.
  7. The males were about 150 yards away. I would be happy with some seeds. I don’t want to have to buy seeds next year. I just don’t want buds that’s are loaded with seed. I have 13 females in the greenhouse. Only some seem to have the seeds

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  8. Pollen can float a lot farther than 150 yards but your boys probably aren't shedding a shitload of yellow stuff yet. Considering your plants are in a greenhouse it's even less likely that they've been pollinated.
  9. No not a seed as @Shasta_Lake_California has said, if the female Caylx was pollinated those 2 pistil's would be dark brown & receding back into the Caylx.:)
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  10. Digga1 makes a good point.
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  11. I thought the first pic of the green pod came from the top first picture of the Caylx with the white Pistil's, that's why i said that one couldn't have been pollinated and was something weird.

    Last pic is definitely an imature seed.
  12. 90% of the hairs are still white on all the plants. IMG_0001.JPG

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  13. Buds still have white hairs. Maybe i'm in the clear? Fingers crossed. Found a little mold developing on a small bud. If its not one thing its another!
  14. You might want to pick the moldy bud off and put a fan on it at night (if possible).
  15. I picked it as soon as I saw it! I currently have 3 fans running 24/7. The humidity has been high the past few days. Im currently growing in a greenhouse. I keep the door open all the time and the bottom of the greenhouse is also open. trying to not have a repeat of what happened to my last years outdoor grow. Lots of budrot.
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  16. Humidity is my biggest worry.
  17. me too! I lost buds as big as my forearm lastyear! Very sad times.
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