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  1. Hello, I am from Serbia, where the weather is very changeable happens that one day it rains and the next day to be really sunny , Is there a plant that can grow in these conditions and if there where which is safest site to buy it ?
  2. The Dutch Breeder " Sensi Seeds " has some of the best seed strains that handle erratic weather changes, short growing periods, and subnormal temperature ranges. Strains like Sensi Ruderalis Indica, Sensi Guerrilla's Gusto, Sensi Skunk Auto, and Sensi Hollands Hope, grow very well in areas where most other strains will never grow. And just so you understand... all of the strains I have mentioned above I have personal grown outside up in Northern Quebec, up by Sept-Îles, Quebec, where the growing period is very short, and the weather is very erratic. As for where to buy seeds, any of the seed banks in the U.K. ship World Wide, so I don't see why you cannot order from one of those seed banks!

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