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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rassick, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Hi guys.

    I bought an 1/8 a couple of weeks ago, I paid £50 for it, still got just over half left, it's good stuff, unsure on what strain it is.

    It has quite a few seeds in. I'm new to weed, are the seeds a good thing or bad thing? I've picked some out but others I've just ground up and smoked.

    What can you guys tell me about seeds in weeds?

  2. People claim they change the flavor and texture of smoke so they remove them. If it's dank save the seeds to plant or sell.
  3. Define dank for me.

    It's really dry, and really strong smelling stuff.
  4. It will gets seeds if the flower is pollinated by a male plant or if the plant hermaphrodites and pollinates itself. I always heard they might give you a headache. Not sure if that is just an old-smoker's-tale or not. There is no point in smoking them though.
  5. Dank is what gets you completely fucked up. Or if you particularly like the flavor or smell, you should hold on to the seeds. No point in smoking them.
  6. I never smoked them because I thought it would get me higher, just because I ground them up with out realising and as you probably know its a pain in the ass to get them out, so I just left them in.
  7. No thc just smoking plant material. Will give you headache
  8. I've never had a headache from smoking them yet but ill take your advice and fish them out in the future, thanks guys.

    As for what to do with the seeds, I have no intention on growing them. I guess I'll just give them back to my dealer, see If he can do anything with them.
  9. Ask around, if you get the right noob, they'll buy seeds off you
  10. If you just want to smoke good bud, sinsemilla is what you want. That means no sticks to seeds!

    If you find a seed in your bud, you can grow it. It can come out to be as good as what it came from.

    It can be a regular seed (female pollinated by a male), which may produce a male or female plant. Or it can be a hermaphrodite seed from a hermi-plant, which in return will probably produce a hermi plant. Or a feminized seed (doubt it) which could have been made from one of numerous different techniques.
  11. If you try to give it back to your dealer he'll probably give you funny look.

    Post a pic
    You said it's dry, but has a strong smell?
    Smell and how it smokes are ways to determine its quality.
    But I doubt it's anything above high mid since u said its dry.
    But I could be wrong.
    And how much is £50 in USD?
    Sounds like a lot, the most I'd pay for an 1/8 is $60.
  12. Yeah £50 is overpriced for even the dankest eighth, and if it has as much seeds as you seem to be saying you may have gotten ripped off slightly. As for seeds if you find the right person to sell them to you can easily make a few bucks per seed.
  13. £10 per gram is the normal were I live
    £50 for 7 gram is good
    £50 for 8 gram which is what I got is quite good

    Yes dry and smelly (not how I like them, if you know what I mean ;-) ).

    Either all of the above or I'm to high to be clever.

    Rock and roll





  14. 8 grams is not a 1/8, a 1/8 is 3.5 grams. 8 grams is a little over a quarter. Sounds to me like you bought mids consdering the seeds and the price. Now im not sure of the prices in your country but a quarter of mids where im from would be about 30 bucks. Im not %100 sure of the euros to american dollar conversion but I think 50 euros would be some where between 65-75 american dollars? Thats a little pricey for a quarter of mids here. But I dont know the prices where your at so it could be a ok deal? Maybe someone in your area could help you out more.
  15. Then I've clearly mixed up an 1/8 with a 1/4 cause i got 8gram.

    Thanks for clearing that up
    Thanks for birds
    Thanks for glue
    Thanks for 123
    Thanks for yo
    Thanks for 6
  16. No problem. Yeah if thats the normal price for a quarter of bud in your area then you got a good deal. Your dude hooked it up a gram also. If you posted a pic of your bud we could tell you if its mids or dank.
  17. image-1730787890.jpg

    Already smoked a bit.
  18. That looks like decent bud, the picture isnt the best quality and the lighting is not great. But i can see some trichs, and hairs. Its not top shelf dank but i would smoke that bud anyday. Im sure you will get alot of weed snobs in here saying shit like thats shitty mids and i would never smoke that shit. But it looks decent, and from reading posts on this forum it seems in your country its hard to find top shelf dank. Im rambling now, but all in all it looks like decent bud.
  19. Thanks for the input dude. Ill try get a better picture, if I can remember!

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