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  1. Ad my euphoria ( dutch passion ) seeds in rockwool blocks for 7 days tomora after cracking them in paper towel very warm and humid but no sign. Can't stand the suspense should I start preparing secondary measures or am I impatient hmmm???

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  2. Never used rockwool so I can't help, typically in soil you are looking at about 4-5days before they break through once the seeds are termed in paper towels. I just did a round of DP Shaman. Its excellent from what I remember that took a little under a week to pop through, but again that was in soil. Did u soak your rock wool?
  3. Moderately moist .dun cheese and strawberry cough this method but the time b4 always seemed to be shorter ha . Iv also got 4barneys farm red cherry berry in terra bio soaked 12 hour then planted Saturday

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  4. Never dun soil b4 tho

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  5. It can take up to 2 weeks to show its head. Just give it a few more days.
    I know how this can be... just be patient

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