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  1. I am about to do my first grow but as im not experienced at this i was thinking about getting some auto seeds auto#1 from Cannabis Seeds | Buy Marijuana Seeds from #1 UK Online Store. Is this a good place to start as not experienced. And has anyone ever growen this strain before if so what are the yields like from them. Thanks.:smoking:
  2. I would start with a photoperiod feminized strain so you can get used to the light schedules. Photos are also usually more potent, higher yielding, and just as fast as autos, depending on how long you veg.

    Northern Lights is classic beginner strain. Easy to grow and a great smoke, but strain choice is entirely up to you. However, I recommend starting with indica strains. Indicas are fast flowering, generally easier to grow, and shorter than sativas
  3. looks good to me

    try dinafem for great auto plants
  4. the problem that i have with photoperiod strains is keeping the plants warm when the lights are out. My grow room is insulated with polystyrene sheets and then that is covered with tin foil. if i put a heater in the room then there is the risk of fire and as the grow room is 12 miles away i would never know that anything had happened till i went there the following day. Also our electricity is run off a £1 coin meter so we also have the problem of the heater using to much electricity. We dont have that problem with the lights as we have them running off a 12 volt invertor which is connected to a battery which is in turn connected to a charger so at any 1 time it will only be drawing 12 volts from the electricity... Thats why i asked the question about autos because we can have the lights on 24-7 or set them to 20-4 and put the heater in the room while we are there for the 4 hours and can keep an eye on it and when we leave the lights come back on and the heater is taken out.
  5. Sounds like you are not really in a position to grow indoors, at this time.

    You may be better rewarded looking into guerrilla gardening over the summer.
  6. i cant really grow outdoors as my grow room is on a farm and i live in a flat with way 2 many polish people here. So its got 2 be indoors.
  7. Just how cold does it get with lights out?
  8. Where you been hiding out man? It's been a while.

    An OP, I agree that you should try growing outdoors this summer, it is truly the greatest way to learn the way the plant is supposed to react under natures conditions.

    Plus it's a great way to stay in shape!

    Edit: nvm just read your last post.
  9. if u run the lights at night u wont have to worry about it getting too cold during the dark period
  10. i am intending on running the lights at night. But as everything is in a seed storage unit it gets really cold in there except for in the summer where it is that hot in there u could fry an egg.

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