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  1. i picked up a half of some nice dense buds and i have some of it in a pill bottle. i just shook it so some shake would come out for a nice joint and 2 seeds rolled down as well. i plan on planting them nextspring and hoping for the best (never grown before). now heres the question one seed is brown and the other is white. whats the difference? can both be planted?
  2. Well first off you don't stick a seed straight into the ground. First you germinate it and start indoors until the plant is big enough that It can fend for itself (a few weeks). You don't need a powerful light or anything to do this as the plant doesn't require much of anything at this stage. I'm pretty sure that the white seeds are not fully matured.

    Honestly if you seriously want to grow buy feminized seeds online from reputable proven and tested strains. Can be had for like $10/seed or way less, the biggest seed banks will ship to the USA really discreetly.

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