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  1. I have collected rare strains of seeds and have them stashed away, ive seen prices ranging from 200$ to 150$ to higher or lower for about 10 seeds, tell me now, how many of you paid those prices for your strands? and was it worth it? pm me back if you are interested limited supply lol, yall be good

  2. When sending an order in to do you recommend having them sent to your own address or a PO Box or somewhere else?

    I just don't want it traced to me if I can help it. What are your suggestions?

  3. Well i guess that all depends on where you stay....and what lawes are govering in the u.k. it's legal to own seeds but illegill to plant or propegate them....hence, it's personal preference if you want to get them sent to you..i did and have had no problems....but if seeds are completely illegill where you're from then not too sure....i paid them cash and waited a while to see if the old 5-0 turned up and found them in soil.....when the coast was clear i planted them.....most people have no problem with their orders or the security of them....hope this helps you....Peace out...Sid
  4. Thanks to both sidious and arse for your replies. Feel much better now.

    Kinda leery about sending it via Paypal as it's still an electronic record, but I think a money order will do just fine for my needs. Now..I just need to find someone with a printer so I can print out the order form lol...

    Thanks again you two.

  5. Money Order...sometimes vanish in thin air for many's a gamble either way with money order or Paypal.

    Come on, time is often related to money. The turnaround for a money order can take up to 4 months....most ridiculous time length I've come across....

    I doubt seedsdirect will get back their paypal account....bad blood? who knows...

    Nirvana seed growers seem to come up with lovely yields...time to go shopping again.. Cao~!


  6. It's true about the money orders "vanishing". A buddy of mine lost one when trying to order a "shroom kit" from High Times.

    As for time, it seems that that is one thing that's not against me right now. I have plenty of time to wait and I am patient. Time isn't really money related for me in this issue as I don't plan to sell any of my harvest (I'm not a dealer, just a smoker). Four months is a long time to wait to recieve seeds I agree, but in the mean time I still need to wait on getting my HPS light (if I order thru InsideSun I assume it will take a few weeks for it to arrive anyhow), and we don't expect to have the money for it (the HPS) until the beginning of December. So, again time is there for me.

    As for "I doubt seedsdirect will get back their paypal account....bad blood? who knows...", you lost me there..not sure what youmean. Clarify?

    Anyhow, I'm still learning to grow well. This is only my second attempt at growing and so am considered a "newbie" to the whole growing thing still. I want to clone any females I get and I still have no real clue about the drying/harvesting/curing process. I've read several different grow guides and have been to several times and they all seem to say different things on how to do all this stuff. This is where I rely on the experience of you "not-so-newbie" growers.

    Oh well, just my reply.


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