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  1. I'm using rockwool cubes to start my seeds. IS their any way to make them grow faster??>>......

  2. just girminat (put in wet paper towell )when it sprowts put it 2in deep and nope nothing u can really do to mack it grow faster just give it good light when it gets 2 months old u can speed the proses by giveng little of merical grow if u do it earllyer u will kill the plants
  3. rockwool is a bad idea for starting out seeds, rockwool is for cuttings/clones, not seeds.
    wet a paper towel, sick ur seeds in the middle and fold it, place in a zip lock baggie with a steady temp of atleast 70% , good seeds sprout within a week, plant em in some good soil:)
  4. i have allways germinated in rockwool and never had a problem..whats the difference if you are keeping your seeds damp in a paper towel or damp in rockwool..i find that with rockwool there is no transplant shock, if you miss checking on them for a few hours your seeds tap root won't dry up..all i do is soak the cube in a mild bloom formula with a drop of superthrive put it in a tupperware container and check it twice a day..i get about a 90%..germination in a week.....not trying to be a prick just pointing out some facts....and another idea...the paper towel trick is great iv'e just found useing rock wool cuts out a lot of head aches...
  5. Rock wool cubes are great this is what you should have done. There is a company that makes theese little things called rapid rooters, go pick some up, along with some 4 inch cubes. soak your seeds over night (or until your seeds start to split), in distilled water ONLY. Once your seeds have "split" or started rooting, place them in the rapid rooter plugs "split" side down. Place the Rooters in the hole in your 4 inch rock wool cubes and put under your floruecent lighting. Hand water to keep them moist until they are around 5 inches or so then put them into your hydro system.
  6. i just use the 1 in. starter cubes..then i transplant into my about 6 in...
  7. oh yea i transfer the plants when they are 6 in. tall lol not 6 in. deep..

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