Seeds Wont Sprout!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by LukazTokes, May 21, 2010.

  1. All help would be much appreciated, this is my first grow.
    OK, I got 4 seeds and did a bunch of research on how to set up a grow box and germination.
    I tried the paper towel method on a plate with plastic wrap over it. During the day it would be in my closet in the dark and at night i would wrap the entire thing in an electric heat blanket. The seed swelled up but no sprout at all. They have actually been germinating for 3 WEEKS!!!
    I'm thinking they were bad seeds?
  2. I doubt they were all "bad"

    I only grew from seed once, but I did 4 and all i did was toss them in some rock wool and put them in the cloner, they come up after about a week.
  3. I think wrapping them in a heat blanket may have killed 'em. I put the beans in the moist papertowel, then in a ziplock bag, then I put the bag on top of the water heater with a towel between the bag and the water heater.

    The 3 keys to success: moist, dark, warm (but not hot)

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