Seeds wont simk (Bad Seeds)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by anthony6969, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. av just put some seeds in a cup of warm water to leave for 24 hourse before paper towel method and they wont sink even when i push them under, does this mean bad seeds
  2. Just put em in the towles I never use that method so I'm not sure what it means, but it wont hurt to try and germ them.

  3. Try scarring it using the matchbox method... if the seed is floating it means it hasnt 'popped' so the water isnt able to get in there and sink it.

    Just take the seed and drag it lightly on a matchbox... rotate and repeat.

    Drop in water...wait 7 days. If floating, flush it.
  4. experiment!

    soak for 24 hours.

    take the floaters out and place them in one papertowel. take the seeds that sank and place them in a different papertowel.

    come back and tell us how many of each sprouted.

    from personal experience, it should be a fairly close ration on both assuming the seeds are not older than medusa.

  5. i left them in for 1.30 hours in cup of warm water with non of them sinking then moved them onto the paper towel method ill keep u posted tomoro an tell u if any have sprouted, they are in a plastic box in the boiler cubard, hope this works, i have read everything about fimming and topping from veg to flower but this makes no diffrence if i cant get them to germ lol, they are nivarna ak 48

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