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  1. Hey Guys/Gals

    I'm new to smoking, growin and new to the forum so I just wanted to say hello and ask for some words of wisdom.

    I found 2 bag seeds in my stash and I wanted to see if I could grow. I have been using the wet paper towel method with distilled water for 2+weeks now with no signs of life.

    I fear that these seeds are dead but I wanted to ask what would be the next best step to get these guys to spring to life after being moist for that long.

    I know there are how tos all over the site but i didn't know if there are any special considerations to be taken because the paper towel method isn't working.

    Also what would be my best option if these seeds are dead? Should I order some or just see if I can find some more bag seed since this is my first grow?

    Thanks in advanced for your help
  2. Try placing them near a heatsource or keep them warm somehow. They should spring to life if warm enough. Some strains need 80+ F temps to germinate. Do not go over 90 degrees though.

    If they don't pop with the added heat, then they most likely never will.

    If you got the cash, buy some seeds online that fit your taste and growspace etc. If not, bagseed is perfect for beginners :)
  3. try putting them on top of your dryer, or router.. it's what I did, and it got things going.
  4. On top of the Router thats great I never thought about that.

    Thanks for the tips I'll try throwing some warmth to them and see what happens.
  5. I've only germinated bag seeds and I have almost a perfect germ rate. I don't do anything special. I just drop the seeds into a ceramic mug of tap water and leave in darkness for around 24 hrs. After that, I put them in peat starters. I don't understand all these complicated methods, but maybe if I had some chronic seeds, I'd be more careful too.
  6. I have heard this before and dont think its right. I have germed seeds with the paper towel method in 100 degree 80% humidity environment. 1.5 inch of growth in one week. now maybe high temps with no humidity will dry out towels but otherwise id say 90-100 is fine.

    as long as your germing in a wet, humid, dark, and hot environment you will succeed (unless you do something stupid). make sure you re-wet those towels every 3-4 days or as needed to keep them quite moist but not dripping.
  7. There's always exceptions.
  8. Well I moved my seeds to inside my computer case 6 days ago. The container is sitting on some plastic not on anything directly hot. The water inside is warm but still no sprout.

    I think I am going to call it. These seeds are dead!!

    Can I get a second?

    Thanks for you guys advice.
  9. different strains germ under different temps. usually they're similar to the temps that the mother plant was living in.
  10. hey man i was in the same boat as you were i got some jack hare seed and put them in some wet papertowel and 2 days after the fact i seen no differance .. so i planted the seeds in 5 small pots
    and placed them in under the light with my clones and after 1 day i got some massive roots hanging out of the split seed just make sure you keep the temp up a bit and make sure they are nice and moist

    i will post up some pics after i am done eating supper

  11. Hmm... perhaps the seeds weren't viable. Were they dark or light colored?
  12. I always have roots with in 24 hours, my method is fold a paper towel about 4 times with as many see in there as you want, SOAK The paper towel most people say just wet them well I soak them, the just put them in a dark place, if there not germinated by the next day just soak the paper towel again... This should have a high success rate, also honestly I never put them on something thats warm but this is ideal, darkness always works fine for me with in 24-48 hours with about inch long roots.. Note: I also use warm water so this could be the factor why i never need warmth because the warm water gets it going
  13. pictures as promised

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