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Seeds vs Seedless

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by canibutter, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Im sorry if this sounds retarded or has been asked a million times but i was wondering about how seedless mids are compared to a decent strain with seeds in it in terms of dankness? or is there even such a thing as seedless mids? Im just kind of confused and my friends are too stupid to know anything about anything. thank you.
  2. seeds are always worse bud. seedy weed is shitty weed.
  3. any bud can have seeds.

    just depends whether the female plant was fucked by a male plant.
    yep. no seeds = virgin
  4. when a plant puts it's energy into seed production it's energy isn't used up on nice bud production. so generally seedy weed is worse than non seedy weed. sometimes rarely though you might come across seedy goodness.
  5. But if i came across some good mids that didnt have seeds would it be better to get those rather then some shittily grown name strain or whatever?
  6. yes obviously. if its shittily grown then it shitty weed. its definitely not gonna be a brand name
  7. Seeds make it harder to break up (have to dig around for em) and you lose potency. If this good bud is grown shitty it depends. Sometimes it can taste like chemicals from growing and its unsmokeable, or maybe its just a little dry. All depends. :smoke:
  8. this is wrong imo!:smoke:
  9. Weed with seeds can be good, but THC is wasted on the plant making them seeds so a seedless will be a lot more potent!!!

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