seeds to seedlings to harvest - how long does it take to harvest?

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  1. Hello growers of the i've been growing from seed.(Purple Haze and Gold Leaf).....i germinated? the seeds..........put them in 1-1/2" rockwool cubes on 8/7/22 - August 7,2022.........put (18) seedlings under (1) 600w LED light......they grew about 10 to 15 inches............................
    Now I put the seedlings in 6" x6" rockwool cubes under (2) 1000w LED lights on 10/2/22 -October 2, 2022. So it's been 8 WEEKS for the seedlings to grow 10 to 15".
    I'm thinking I will veg (18/6 hours) the seedlings for another week, and THEN switch to 12/12.
    What you think?...

    thank you..
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  2. Sure great question. First tell us what space you have to grow in. And add the real watts of the led lights.
    If your not sure snap a pic or show model numbers . We will give you the best veg height per yield .
    But you said 18 ! Only three lights . I would start 12/12 now today. any taller will not help. You already have to much plant per lights .
    What you can do . Rotate your plants move them around . Every two days you need to move them around so they get to share the light . Keep in mind these led have no side lighting that will make any difference .
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  3. you could go just 12x12 from the start or better say 2 weeks veg,
    you won't get much in smoke but it is seeds you want its the best way

    auto flowers done and dusted in 2 months
    photos =3 months average from seed to harvest
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  4. here's some photos...a 10 x 6' foot space...6' high...
    (1) ChiLED Growcraft X6 - 1000 Watt DIY LED Grow Light Kit
    and (1) Horticulture Lighting Group HLG Scorpion RSpec Far Red

    messages_0 (54).jpeg messages_0 (53).jpeg
  5. no such happy healthy plants there. Snap some close pics . I would put them in a new post . What is wrong with my plants . Snap a lot of pics
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  6. thye be healthy
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  8. plants look like they need the light/s to be a bit lower to the plants...they look a bit stringy i'd top them as well ,,,mac,
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  9. they don't llook well...a little yellow.
  10. Do you have Pot in a Pot in a Pot in a Pot?
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  11. Seed to harvest is about 4-5 months.

    1 month to get the seed popped and started, 1 month of veg and 2-3 months for flowering.
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  12. Bob.....would that be under LED lights 800w...?
  13. i think it's pot in a pot in a pot in a pot.
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  15. why bag boy..what is the meaning?
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