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    Ok i am new grower and have some bag seeds that are going well. But i want to order some seeds from attitude but i am sorta scared to have them shiped to my home I know there are some people that have ordered, Could you tell me where they good seeds and did they send you what you the correct seed to go with the correct plant. I really want to know if its a safe place to buy seeds and they are going to be fertal, also what is the chance of being busted from getting those seeds. Off topic since michigan is a medical weed state dose that make it less likely you are going to put up a red flag for ordering seeds from the seed bank?
  2. I had a good experience with Marijuana Seeds, Cannabis Seeds Online out of Canada, as well as other people on this site.

    I ordered 15 seeds and ended up with 18. Shipping was fast to NY. Price was reasonable. So far, 3 out of 4 seeds have surfaced through the soil over the course of 4 days. The remaining seed may be viable and just hasn't surfaced yet. Maybe I buried it too deep, who knows.
  3. Attitude! Ordered from them over a dozen times. Nuff said.:hello:
  4. If you want a guarantee of delivery checkout Highgrade Seeds. They guarantee all orders arrive at their destinations.
  5. I live in mi. the detroit metro area and have a mich med mariguana license but regardless of that I ordered from AMS and had my first order seized by customs and lost it.I since ordered from attitude w/ the guarantee delivery and they arrived just fine.I wouldnt worry so much just order them and have fun growing.
  6. I stay here in MI and am a registered med mariguana.I have ordered twice from attitude w/ great experiences and have had a bad experioence w/ AMS.First order ever was siezed from customs but the 2nd &3rd time from attitude was great and they were shipped to my home.
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    Awesome to hear

    I just placed my first order of seeds
    1 lowryder (because i need in between smoke)
    1 White Russian
    1 dna Sharksbreath
    2 free bee's 1 i know is a kandie kush

    Now i need to order some other supplys for growing ie a tent and some lights (better then what i currently use)

    Hopefully these will get me off some of the percription meds i am taking
    if i added up all the pills i take daily 4 pills of Methrotrexate 1 Mobic 2 1mg of xanax for aneixty
    Hopefully i can just puff a Dooby and finally not pace up and down my halls feeling like i need to do somthing or that somthing is wrong

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