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  1. High GC:wave:

    I got some seeds from Attitude,was going to germ them when i got back from holidays,but now I am not going.So I want to start them now.

    How long can i keep my seedlings going under T-5 before I have to put them under the 400hps.
    I got my ww under the 400 now and need to keep them there for 5-6 more weeks

    Dutch Passion - Blueberry Fem:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
    World of Seeds - Mazar Kush Fem:yay:

    Thanks All
  2. As long as you want. The longer they veg the bigger they will get and the more bud they will produce (assuming you give the plants enough root volume).

    When you talk about putting them under the HPS, are you also talking about switching to a 12/12 light cycle at that time? You could use that HPS before flowering if you want, use it for vegging on a 18/6 or 24/0 cycle. Or wait to use the HPS only on the flowering cycle.
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    Thanks toasty

    I meant can I keep the seedlings under T-5 for 5-6 weeks then when my 400hps is free then put them under it for Veg for a couple of weeks then switch to 12/12.

    my room is only 28inx38inx5 feet high

    thanks again for the advice:smoking:

    I just figured out the double thread. I guess it posted when windows stopped responding and i restarted then posted again LOL
  4. All 6 seeds sprouted:)

    I put them in 3" jiffy pots today.

    I have them in my heated dome and covered with a towel,my question is When do i put them under my T-5:cool:
  5. hi,
    put them under the lights...why wait?

    veg them for 30 days....then flip to 12/12...

    i think the best way for you in such a small place is to flower them as soon as they are 7 days old or right out of the gate..

    then you will get a nice cola and no branching to speak of..

    just bud!

    good luck...did you say what flavor they are?

    i missed that if you did..

  6. Hey :hello:

    I planted

    1-pure gold F
    1-bluberry F
    1-white berry F
    3=Mazar Kush F


    I am going to post some pics as soon as they break ground

    Thanks for the advice

    I have to figure out how to post links to my other threads and other links

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