Seeds Siezed and Letter From Homeland Security???

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  1. Here in the seed bank forum, I've read a few posts that briefly mention seed orders being seized, and a letter from Homeland Security being sent to the recipient's address?! :eek:

    Can anyone relate first hand experience with this? What does the letter from Homeland Security say? And do you end up getting a visit from the cops/feds, or does the harrassment stop with the letter?

    The US government loves to create lists of names (like the now famous though never publisized list of names of suspected terrorists). Once you get a letter from Homeland Security stating your seed order has been seized, do you end up on some fuckin list?? Do they press any charges or require you to go to court?? I want to order seeds, but I don't want to end up on some government list of names of suspected pot growers for the rest of my life just because I ordered 10 seeds one time and it got seized. :(
  2. im not sure about how it works with seeds, but i know with steroids, when ordering from underground labs overseas, that some guys have gotten letters that the package had been siezed. Ususally all that happens is that you wont want to send anything else to the same address, and if you can use a different persons name the next time....but no charges should be pressed. Im sure they make some sort of "list". start with some bagseed to be safe if thats you concern.
  3. Letters from Homeland Security !!! Sounds like something from 1984. Do the Thought Police lock you up in room 101? Think I will stay here !!
  4. I have known several people who got their seeds seized. Nothing more than a letter will happen. They have bigger things to deal with than someone ordering seeds.

    Seriously...don't sweat it.
  5. Well sorry but if one is stupid enough to use his HOMEaddress (and not a safe addy) for the delivery of the package then...well I better shut up here now since my comment on that would not be very popular.

    Anyway this is what you would get:


  6. The photos of the documents you attached were exactly what I was talking about! I was gonna give you a +rep for taking the time to attach these, but then I saw your comment about being stupid and decided not to. :cool:

  7. I understand where you are coming from but I couldn't describe it any better than how I did if one would use his home address for getting something mailed that is considered illegal by law in this country.

    It would be the same as saying:

    "Hello the seeds purchased illegally are going to be used for another illegal activity by me either in my home or in my vicinity, please visit @ address stated on envelope."

    That is not smart, do you agree?

  8. Of course I agree with what you are saying. But is there really ANY safe address to use? Do you think if you use a P.O. Box and the Feds really want to find out where those seeds are going that they wont be able to find out? All Homeland Security would have to do is show their badge at the Post Office, state they were looking for a possible terrorist suspect, and the Post Office would happily tell them who the P.O. Box is registered to. Use a fake name when renting the P.O. Box and they could just stake out the Post Office and wait for you to stop by to check your box.

    Have the seeds sent to a friends house who doesn't smoke? Do you really have any friends who wouldn't give up your name if the Feds came to their door and started threatening to lock them up? I don't!

    Bottom line, there is no 'safe' way to order seeds from within the US, only some ways that make it harder for the Feds to track than other ways. But if they want you, they'll find you.
  9. SkunkApe,

    Well first of all Homeland Sec. is not gonna worry (follow up) on about a dozen or so seeds, they got other things to do. Customs doesn't even bother putting a case number on 95 out of 100 green tape letters. They just seize them and grow the seeds themselves or destroy them.
    You do NOT want to use a PO Box that's for sure but one can become creative when it gets to addresses. Of course it depends on the individual situation. For example if you still get mail in a persons name who lived @ the same place you live @ now - use that name. Of course only if you don't grow @ that address. You don't know what the former renter/owner still is getting in the mail, get me?
    Or be creative and make up some company name: "Green Thumb Enterprises" and have your order sent to a business address someone you know has. If you don't want to directly involve them just tell them you are getting something sent from out of the country which you are not sure if it needs to be signed for and since you can't sit @ home all day waiting for that mail you are asking them to have have it sent to their business address (not residence address).
    It is very very unlikely anything is going to happen to your order. And if then all you lose is the $$ and not your freedom.
    Just be a little creative and place your order like 1000's other do and you'll be OK.
  10. Leap, I agree you have to be creative but for the majority of people there is very difficult. If you use a CC it has to go to the address of the CC. If you have a safe address and can send a money order, fantastic. It would always be better to have a friend know it is coming and willing to accept it because it would be unfair for their address to be flagged, IF the govt even does that. I think as long as they just let it go and remove the seeds it is the risk most of us have to take because in order to keep future activities secret(the only safe way to grow), it almost requires us to have it delivered to our primary address.

    Nice thread.
  11. Thanks everybody, you have put my THC saturated mind at ease on the issue of ordering seeds. :smoke:

    I think I'll buy a pre-paid credit card, place the order in my mother-in-laws name, and have the seeds sent to her house. If I get my seeds, great! If she goes to jail, even better! LOL! :D
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    Yes and no.

    If you use THIS Visa card you will have to register it (online) using an (some) address. The addy u r putting in to the CC info field during your ordering process has to match the one you registered the CC there ya go, problem solved! :hello:
    And now go and :wave:

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