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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cow Robot, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Hey GC

    I have some Medium quality seeds and a 500 watt indoor grow tent
    I'm only going to grow 1 plan the first time. Can someone tell me what to expect
    if I start the plant off on 12/12hr light cycle?

    At this time I do not have Auto-flower seeds, but will be doing it in the future.
    Any help will be well appreciated.

  2. I'd still be wanting to go an extra 2-3 weeks in veg

    just leave the light 24/7 from germing

    use a small cfl until its big enough for the 500w

    good luck
  3. What time frame should I expect.. if I use regular cannabis seeds
    from: germination to harvest? & how much am I looking to have from 1x plant @ 500watt CFL?
  4. 12-16 wks from sprout to harvest. Yield is impossible to say.

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  5. You can expect the plant to be a hermie if you go to 12/12 before it shows sex. Even if you are using fem seeds a plant needs to be mature enough to show sex before starting a flowering cycle.
  6. Ok. then i will go as suggested.. and allow 2-3 weeks vegatation. What is a good light cycle for that?
    sounds like I need to buy a Light cycle Timer

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