Seeds pop then poop.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by PsiliTheKid, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Got a pack of seeds from 207 genetics with two freebies, but only 2 popped, then hours later started shriveling. Entirely outdoor, seeds straight to soil, and watered well. The soil mixture is a good part natural red clay because it's my native soil. Any ideas? Maybe just shit genetics, either way I'm staying away from 207.

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  2. Learn how to germinate properly as well as taking care of a seedling. Playing straight in a clay dominant soil isn’t usually very good

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  3. could be temps. All of mine died when I planted them outside right before a heat wave hit. Even the sprouts. :bang::bang::bang:
  4. Clay, is likely the worst medium to grow in, given that reefer LOVES great drainage.
    If I HAD TO grow in clay, I'd establish my plants in a pot of peat-moss based medium, THEN plant them outside.
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  5. It's probably 40% red dirt clay, 30% perlite, and 30% Coco coir. The other 12 seeds I've done outdoors this year are doing phenomenal, and these are all in cloth pots.

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  6. The other 12 were however European brand name seed banks. I think I'll just stick to the reputable genetics, and also lighten up on native soil.

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  7. Ah, I see; I was imagining the just red clay... as in Georgia, USA.
  8. As mentioned heat is a killer but old seeds will do that. They lose viability every year.
  9. Seems legit, I kept a piece of shade clothe over top, but will move the newbies closer to some tree shade until they are more established.

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  10. I was thinking the same thing and started laughing. It would definitely not surprise me though.
  11. IMO The clay is still your problem.
    If I were gonna do it that way I would put a small hole in your soil maybe small solo cup size. Fill it with seed starter or the likes put your seed in that. I think your soil is still to heavy to start a seed in. Once gets a little bigger maybe but not just starting out.
    It could be due to heat also but I think its more of a soil thing.

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