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Seeds?????? PLeasseee HElp

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by colliebuds, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. DO i have to Germinate my seeds in order for them to grow because i am too lazy and i dont want too
  2. yes, of course you do. whats hard about it?
    just put them in some distilled water in darkness and keep them warm for 24-48 hours, job done
  3. I don't think you must... but you're going to get a much higher success rate if you manually germinate them. I say "manually germinate" because the seeds must germinate to grow, so I assume you mean for them to germinate on their own, automatically, in the soil. My suggestion: don't be lazy.
  4. #4 KrazySmokerHome, Jun 5, 2009
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    If you're going to be lazy, then I do not foresee your grow going too well =\

    Maybe you'll get lazy and forget to lock your door
    and your landlord comes in, and calls the cops
    Or you were too lazy to pay the electric bill, now you have no light
    or clean up the water mess next to the exposed wires you didn't tape up
    And that catches on fire and makes it's way towards the gas oven you neglected to
    turn in to the "off" position

    Then Bam....

    Just think about it, shortcuts get you nowhere

    You'll end up with crappy buds yo

  5. im just lazy right now and fuck this post and comment on my other post lab drug test pleaseeeeeee
  6. Agreed. Maybe you should save your seeds for next spring and let mother nature handle the details.
  7. no you dont need to at all.

    what do you think they do when you put them in the soil? they germinate... DUH

    its just gonna take like 5-6 days for them to sprout, rather than 1-3

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