seeds out of a bag of weed?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by some high guy12, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. I just bought 2 nics of some commercial weed. When I was breaking it up I found like 5 seed. My question is if I were to grow them would they grow and if they did would they come out just as crapy as the weed they came out of.
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  2. ...use your 'bag seed' to try growing if its your first'll find out stuff along the way you can use on your next 'proper grow with bought seed'...
  3. All depends on the seeds genetic heritage and your gardening skills.
  4. True u cant pusch ur plant further then its predetermmend gen. Limit but mids almost is never cured is almost always in huge fields that arnt that well maintaind u could possibly see way better bud then it came frome

  5. :smoking: That includes harvest and cure.
  6. Man dig this i lived in tucson right dec comes in the xmas bud witch is lime crystaly hairy mids but sum mid importers from mexico throw it in compactors sqweez it dry and bag it ewwwwwww im drying jaring u will see a big big diffrence in ur own mid grow and theres if u do it to a t ive also hurd dr pepper being spreyed on mids bails (35ps) so it sticks better in a brick fucked up
  7. I have been drying it and curing(jarring) it for years and I grow medical grade cannabis not mids.
  8. Ive grown tones of kb im tryna grow sum mids to see how much of a diffrence sack seed to bud will be
  9. Just completing a grow of some mid range bag seed. My results are FAR better than the bag the seeds came from! Another plus is that the bag seeds were FEMINISED! Fem'd by mistake I am sure, but I got 8 girls out of 9 seeds!
  10. Sick hope i got ur odds

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