seeds or clones that is the question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by brian8472, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. ive heard both ways, one guy i talked to said seeds are bad only 1/15 germinate then have a 50/50 chance of being male or female while on the otherside i heard cloned plants are really good if you can keep them from dieing which i heard is very easy and happens alot? i just need some insight from an experienced grower i only have basic knowledge
  2. never had a clone die yet ,apart from old age ,lol.Read some grow guides friend .:D
  3. :p ya but i need to know what to buy first otherwise i may never get to grow anything ><
  4. just like the rest of us ,lol.or pay the money for proper seeds dude.:D

  5. ur m8 must have shit luck growing!

    clones will giver u a garden full of the same plant, easyer to grow when they all grow the same. but u just get the same smoke time after time.

    seeds will give u many plants to chose from but r harder to grow and take longer, once u have found a good 1 tho clone it and grow it till u get bord.

    cloning takes a little more skill than seeds but its still simple stuff. just grow wotever u can get ur hands on!!
  6. its easier than it looks:) dont get confused by all the info out here on this subject, as you browse you will probably see we have all modified techs from the foundation of growing for our individual needs. if germinated right, you will have a high success rate, plain and simple.
  7. cloinig is far superior then goring from seeds each batch your already ahead in that the plants are all sexed, mature and 3-4" tall. almost any cloning tech is almost %100 sucess if done correclty besides soquicks hot to clone in 5 days wich he beets the crap out of them with no misting but thats if oyu need clones quick.

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