Seeds ooze white cream

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  1. so im on my first grow and so far ive had good success with my og kush and white widow x big bud but when i went to germ my afghani seeds they popped open after the first day, but after that they made no progress except oozing a creamy white substance outside the crack. Already opened them and no root or cotyledon just the white cream and threw them out but could anyone explain what happened? Ive heard fungus but they have been in a very controlled environment (on a heat pad on the lowest setting just enough to get warm, plastic bag with fresh air every 6-12 hours, paper towel moist not dripping) and i had them in a dark place and tried a light place but nothing happened. Started germ last thursday and just threw them out. Any help appreciated so my lemon kush dont end with the same fate lol :)
  2. The seeds got too wet in the paper towel and the embryo of the seed started to rot. Plant the seeds in the same mix you are going to grow in. Pre-germinating in a paper towel is never necessary and can lead to disease problems to the exposed germinated seedling, not to mention all the chemicals in the towel from the bleaching process. Never touch the germinated seedling with your hands.

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  3. I know about all that ive been studying about growing fo almost a year now. But how do i plant directly in soil? Like germ in water then into soil, or just put them in the medium and let it grow? Thanks for the help
  4. If you "know all that" and have been "studying growing fo almost a year now," how do you not know how to sprout a seed?
    All douche-ness aside, I usually soak for 24 hours and then go straight to my growing medium. It's not rocket science my dude, nature, it has a will to survive. You can toss em, wet em, and forget about them and they'll probably still sprout.. Some people soak, then transfer to paper towel, then to their growing medium. I think this is too much fondling of the seed. After the soak it usually has a small tap root anyway, and I just bury that 1/4 inch down and cover it with soil, misting every day or so.

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  5. There is no need to pre-germinate the seed before planting. You can soak overnight to soften the seed coat, but is not necessary. Plant the seed 1/4-1/2" deep in your potting mix and keep the soil uniformly moist, but not waterlogged. The seed should germinate in 3-10 days. Water gently when needed to keep the seed from floating up to the top of the soil mix.

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  6. When i said studying i meant lights, germ, veg, and budding i never saw any tutorials on planting them without the paper towel and cup of water method. I understand not to touch the roots because finger oils kill them. Thats what i meant studying also nutrients but i know how to sprout a damn seed i got 2 plants growing vertically and nicely already and i used the same method with the same conditions for them its just these 2 that had the problem honestly i think they may have just been a bad batch because they were regulars and didnt come from any known seed bank plus they did look a tad underdevloped
  7. i usually do the same as cartercannabis .soak for 24 hours in tepid water /or just over night ,then straight in to soil about quarter to half ins below soil surface and put in warm place ,then just leave them alone till they appear above surface then put under light which ever light you use ,,,i use 125wCFL blue spectrum ..mac.
  8. Exactly this.
    You don't need to pre soak, just plant them in the soil and follow pointswest's advice.

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