Seeds not germinating?

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  1. So about 4 or 5 days ago I gave up on germinating 2 auto GDP seeds I purchased from I ordered 5 seeds for a rather high price and they seem to look almost light brown/ grayish and very small. I also ordered an auto Girl Scout cookies seed from herbies and this seeds looks like it is of much higher quality it is green and much bigger than the others. I do not want to end up ruining the remaining seeds I have left. My goal is to germinate one GSC seed and one GDP seed successfully.

    Edit: also I wanted to add that I have used the most paper towel method for the previous seeds that did not germinate. I was thinking of planting them in the 5 gallon pots and covering them with Saran Wrap and turning my mh bulb on.
  2. I use peat pods with good results. I don't junk them until 10 days. Some seeds are just more stubborn. I also now do an 18hr soak 1st. Bumped my success numbers much higher.

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  3. You know, you don't have to do anything fancy to grow these things. Get a Solo cup, punch a bunch of drain holes in the bottom, fill it with good formulated grow soil or an organic mix from a recipe and plant the dang seed about maybe 1/2" deep. Cover it lightly and water it in with properly pH'd water (6.3 to 6.7) and put it under your lights. If it's any good at all, it will come up and grow. These things have been around for thousands of years on their own with no help from man hovering over them. Seeds, dirt, moisture and light are all you must have to grow a plant. If your seeds are duds, they won't come up and you'll know they're duds. There are hundred or more ways to germinate seeds, but planting them in dirt works too. We've done it for years. Currently, we resupply with clones. I don't keep mothers, just take new clones off the plants I've got coming up to go into flower next. Also, seeds of different strains look different so you can't really compare the two by looks. And there are also a bunch of shady people out there today who will sell you junk at every opportunity. Find you a reputable seed bank and stick with them.
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  4. Your right I'm definetly over complicating things and it's taking all the fun out of it! Have you ever used autos because I have heard there is no need to use multiple pot sizes with them.
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  5. I have never used autos but I don't repot either. Once they have sprouted I put them right into fabric pots... whatever size they are going to finish up in. Right or wrong I've never had a problem doing it that way.

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  6. So hypothetically speaking I could just plant them in their final pots and that's that?

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