seeds not germinating?

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  1. so far ive planted 5 new seeds and only 1 has germinated... the seeds came from bud that was dried for about 4 or 5 days, dry enough that i could tap the buds and seeds fell out.

    is there a process of drying seeds out? or are they ready to go as soon as the bud dries and you pick the seeds out? they could either a: not be fully mature but they do look mature and are brown and speckled, or b: they need to be dried out more.

    its been about 5 days since i germinated them, 3 in rockwool cubes which 1 popped, and 2 i put in a small dish of water, neither of them popped. ive been letting the other seeds sit out in little containers with the tops off drying out at room temp.. how long should i wait before trying to germinate more of them?
  2. Seeds need to dry for like 4-6 months I'm pretty sure.
  3. Hi Panda,
    Try putting them in small glass jars or plastic containers like chip dip size with water in them and screw shut the lids put them in a dark warm place like kitchen cabinet. Every 12 hrs change water and wipe container, if the seeds are good you should notice them pop in 24-72 hrs. I like to let the root grow out about 1 inch before I plant them some people will put them in soil soon as the root pops. This method worked well for me when I was having problems.
  4. probably wernt dry enough. definitley not 4-5 months. but a week or so.
  5. i prefer germinating in rock wool so there are no problems with moving the seedling and tap root and putting them into rock wool after they pop. its a terrible thing to accidentally break a tap root :( usually every seed i germinate pops, but not these ones. the buds were still a little moist but mostly dry when i picked the seeds and tried germinating them right away.

    thanks for the input, thats what i was thinking also. ill give them a bit more time before germinating a few more. im rather certain they were pretty ripe, they were pollinated about 5 weeks before i cut them down. i havent been able to find any information on how to harvest the seeds and dry them for best germination results. ive read a few things about drying vegetable seeds, and i know for example, pepper seeds need to be dried for a few weeks before they will germinate also. keeping my fingers crossed :)

    the only one that germinated is finally popping out of the rock wool
  6. Just a heads up if your poppin beans from an home breeding project, unless you've back crossed and done some REAL breeding work, odds are your plants from said breedin project will be very susceptible to stress and Herming. Keep a diligent eye out for nanners bud!

  7. LilJ86,
    Why is this? No novel needed just a short answer if there is a short one...
  8. Purely unstable genetics. The whole idea for breeding is to gain positive traits we want and to breed out the negative traits. 1 round of breeding will give you something to start with, now you pick what traits you want and breed back again. IE mother is great yielder and very stinky, father had great inter-nodal spacing and fast to flower (or nuts in this case). First breed you may have lost the high yield but gained the inter-nodal spacing. now you back cross to the mom to try and pick up the high yield again. Each breeding strengthening the new genes and stability of the strain.
  9. yeh it was a cinderella 99 female fruit punch pheno, had weak ass limbs, very stretchy sativa, average yields but awesome haze style high. its parents are crosses of haze,sk1,and nl5. i used an unknown male that is either a haze or sk1 cross. the male could be any one of these crosses from "sam the skunk man"

    MIXED Batch Many different varieties, accidently mixed, new seeds)
    Sleestack/Sk1 X Haze/Sk1
    KandyKush/Sk1 XHaze/Sk1
    OG18/Sk1 XHaze/Sk1
    Hindu Kush X Sk
    Hindu Kush/Sk1 X Sk1
    Cal Orange/Sk1 X Haze/Sk1
    Afgh #1 X Sk1
    NLA/Sk1 X Sk1
    G13/Sk1 X Sk1
    OTP/Sk1 X Sk1
    OTR/Sk1 X Sk1
    Original Haze X Original Haze
    Original Haze/Sk1 X Haze/Sk1
    Original Haze/Sk1 x HawaiianIndica7 X Haze/Sk1
    Original Haze/Sk1 x Sk1 X Haze/Sk1
    Original Haze/Sk1 x LP1 X Haze/Sk1
    Import Afgh/Sk1 X Sk1

    just seeing how it turns out, since i planted 1 of those mixed seeds to see what i came up with, and it just so happened to be a male. so i pollinated a single branch on the c99 that ive been growing for about 8 the male wasnt a complete waste :p

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