Seeds not germinating, worried! W/ pics.

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  1. Okay, so heres my germinating setup. I have my old clean binder, with two layers of wet paper towel, then my seeds, then another layer on top. They're usually pretty soaked. They dont seem to be germinating though. What else should I do? The seeds are fine because some from the same batch worked for my friend... Maybe heat? Would it help if I leaned it against the back of a TV maybe? Anyways, thanks for your input :)

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    We don't know how long you been trying...?...But some seeds can take couple days under optimum conditions, where others can crack overnight. Be patient!!

    I would put them in a container that will hold lots of humidity like tupperware. Keep at room temperature in a dark place., not to hot, or cold. A heat pad helps keeping humidity higher. You want the paper towels to be moist not soaked. If they start to dry out a spray bottle works fine. Open the container a couple times a day to check making sure you fan fresh air into container.
  3. i put mine on a plate, in a black bag then in my grow room. they all pop withn a day or two!
  4. well it seems they're now germinating, a few of them have sprouted like crazy, and others havent started. I hope they're still gonna be alright. And its been about 3 days. Heat seems to activate them, I had them behind my TV when its on overnight, and it seemed to really speed it up.
  5. i had one seed i thought was dead, but i decided to keep it for one more day and it popped. it took a week for it to pop. it varies on strain and condition. just be patient.

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