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what to do with seeds-n- stems

  1. Smoke them

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  2. Toss them

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  3. Save for rainy day

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  1. You can help settle this.....I've been smokin 13 years and my buddies back in NYC insist that before smokin we seperate all the seeds-n-stems. I say smoke ' settle this debate...

    ...and on the six day god created weed and he was pleased
    ...and on the seventh day everyone was sooooo stoned...
  2. Well me and my friends usually pick'em out. We did tonight when we smoked a J at the truck stop.
  3. I'm sorry, but I toss 'em. Seeds have no potency, and I'd rather save for a friend to plant if a good strain, and stems taste funky, and have little/no potency, and are too harsh on the lungs, and i don't like how they crackle in a bowl~
    but everyone smokes weed their own way! that's the beauty, there's no right or wrong~ it's a preference, not set in stone :)
  4. Toss em! If you're rolling stems just punch holes through the paper. In a bowl I guess you could smok'em but why?
  5. GROSS!!!! Seeds are yucky.........stems...tollerable. If my ol' man loads me a bowl with a seed in it, I pick it out and throw it at him!!!:)
  6. if it was me i would plant the seeds and make a nice picture frame out of the stems so you can display you beautiful leaves even if you are only going to keep the plant as a plant you will be able to start of with 3 leaves right up to about 11 leaves/fingers looks great in the frames more so if you know which plant you have then you can label it looks fantastic like.
  7. seeds can actualy pop and hurt you. My friend is a dumbass and smoked a bowl with some seeds in it the othe day. One of them popped up and hit him in the forehead.
  8. who you callin a redneck?.......
    and also....i toss them too
  9. by redneck i mean conservative racist bastards. I mainly hate rich rednecks too, hermits that live in the woods and smoke their pipe dont bother me at all
  10. what came first? the seed or the plant? if you have seeds from weed that made you feel high whats the point in binning them??????? I WOULD NOT BECAUSE THERE'S A 50/50 CHANCE THEY COULD M/F. No?
  11. Stems are tolerable. Seeds should not be in a bowl or a joint.

    I'll toss the stems if there's a lot of em or if it's a joint, those little bastards always rip through the paper and ruin my perfect doob. If it's a bowl, I'll get rid of as many as I can without exerting myself or becoming obsessed.

    Seeds, though, have no place in a bowl or a joint or whatever else. They taste like shit and they pop and take people's eyes out. Seriously, it happens all the time. Next time you see someone with an eye patch, ask them what happened. Betcha it was an evil Mexican jumping seed striking back at humanity. Use the seeds to grow, don't smoke em. If you're not gonna grow with them, toss them on someone's lawn. Or just drop them on dirt somewhere you frequent (convenience store planters are my favorite) and see what happens.
  13. Throw that shit out! I've never been so hardup to pack a bowl that I needed to use some shwag filler. Why ruin perfectly good bud, by pullin through some stem? I ask.

    And I don't deal with seeds unless I'm in 'da growroom, heh. ;)
  14. I heard they cause cancer thats what i heard plus they taste like shit why smoke them and do they really pop up and hit you?
  15. yes they realy pop and sometimes they do hit you

    i think seeds give me a headake

    someone also told me smoking seeds can make males temperaraly infertle but no pruff to that afect exests
    that i know of
  16. seeds pop....sticks give headaches.....y bother.....seeds dont matter to me anymore cause my stuff im buyin now is semsilla(however u spell it...its spanish for seedless)
  17. I don't think I've seen a seed since I moved to Alaska....
  18. Im with woody im a spoiled smoker and dont have to deal with any seeds. When grinded well i dont even notice stems. =)

    Sorry, but im happy. Toke and SMOKE!

  19. Yeah. The title says it all. If you gotta smoke dem stems and seeds, you better recongnize. When I open a sack I jump on em like Montel on a birth test. Talk to the hand.
  20. me and my friends save all our stems and seeds in a bag and when we get all of our bags full we turn that into some hash oil and rub it all over a few blunts it makes them burn real slow and you get one hell of a good high

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