seeds in your weed vs. mail-order seeds

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by reigan, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. I used to find couple of seeds every once in a while in a half oz, but I switched dealers and now I find absolutely none (which is unfortunate, because it's much cheaper & better stuff). Well, now I have the perfect place to grow, and I threw out all my old seeds a few months ago.

    What would be better - keep buying and dig through the stuff I get until I find some, or just order them online and hope nothing goes wrong (I'm in the U.S.) ?
  2. chances are if your getting good weed from a good dealer then it shouldnt have seeds in the weed. @ least thats how it is here, everyonce in a few months, when i run low & have to buy, ill find a seed or 2, but consider your chances of getting a female plant off 1 or 2 seeds, very low
  3. I would do a couple or three runs with bagseed to get some invaluable experience. FWIW, the bagseed plants I grew were just as good as the majority of "real" strains I grew.
  4. Instead of buying more weed and hoping to find seeds, or buying seeds online, I would recommend asking a couple of friends to save some seeds for you. Odds are at least one or two of your friends that smoke will have kept some around for whatever reason.

    If you want to grow and don't want anyone to know that you're growing however (a wise decision) then you could tell them that you want to start growing, and then later tell them that your mom/dad/grandparent/girlfriend/boyfriend/police (for whatever reason, the police excuse seems to be a favorite lie amongst potheads) or whomever might not like you smoking weed, found them in your possession and disposed of them. Many other lame excuses would work well, but I would make sure that they didn't really even consider that you might be growing.

    As a final resort would be the only way I'd recommend buying seeds online for your first grow. They are rather pricey and amateur growers often go through many mistakes before being able to grow a perfectly healthy plant.

    I would recommend getting seeds from weed that's around town, and growing it. Once you've got growing down pat, do some research and order 1 or 2 different strains online. Grow those and keep 1 male from each strain. Keep that male separated and use it to pollinate, say one or two branches of a female from the same strain. Take those buds and get the seeds. When you run low on seeds, repeat the process.

    If you were to take clones from mother plants you could probably go a few years at a time with just a handful of seeds. That's the only way, in my honest opinion, to make spending $100-$200+ on seeds worth while.
  5. Just buy some mids, the seeds can be just as good.
  6. I just wanted to update.. I went ahead and ordered the seeds online after reading about many positive posts about the place I ordered from. The other reason I ordered from this site is because when I ordered 2 strains they included an additional bag of seeds for free, those will be what I start. I was also impressed because the seeds came from the UK and they where at my door step in 2 days (im in norcal area).. Now i'm off to finish the researching and gathering the pieces to my hydro setup and get it going...

    Also my girlfriend and myself are doing this project together and both have a pretty good knowledge of growing plants (just not weed) so we are hoping it should go well the first time :) ... her botany class should help haha

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