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Seeds in my weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kretschy, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Sometimes when I buy weed I'll find one or two seeds in them, and I'm wondering if they have any use? Can I plant them? :devious:
  2. Well I dunno. I think seeds are meant to be planted, so they grow into plants that take over the earth like... do you know what I am saying? :D
  3. It depends, if the seeds look old or brittle then you cannot grow them.
    An easy way to check is to squeeze the seed slightly, if it breaks open the seed was already dead.
  4. Yes, that is called bagseed.
    There was a male somewhere around that pollinated the female plant you are smoking.

    As long as the seeds are healthy, you can plant them.
  5. If the seeds are pale, almost white, and really brittle, then they are worthless. If the seed is a nice brown color, maybe with some black dots all over it, and it isn't cracked or damaged in any way, it's good for planting.
  6. ofcoarse look for the big brown/black ones dont squeeze them try to germ them first, it doesnt take much to crush a good seed
  7. You can but it's not easy. Been reading up on it. Seems very complicated.
  8. Are you allowed to order seeds off the net?
  9. You can, but its a risk factor. Rule 1 is to NEVER ship seeds to your grow site. I have heard Attitude is a good company to buy from.

    I love it when i find some seeds cause i know im gunna grow them bitches. Dank nomarly doesnt have seeds, but if you find some in dank SAVE THEM.
  10. I see, going to try it eventually one day down the road. Would be so nice smoking something you created yourself.
  11. Well you dont get skimped. You feel the love you put into it filling your lungs. You get too smoke the whole plant. You dont pay anyone.

    There are so many great factors about growing your own weed. Period
  12. Speaking of seeds, can you imagine having to pick out 21g of a q per :eek:
  13. I know smokin the seeds wont do anything, my friend said he just got a headache when he did.

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