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Seeds in my weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TJR, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Hey this a probably a pretty noobish question, but why do i hear of all these people having to pick seeds out of there weed?personally i've never had that problem, but whats that saying about the weed im smoking?
  2. alot of lower end weed and shwag have seeds in them thats a good thing if you dont get seeds prolly indoor, hydro or the guy took the time to take the seeds out either way you win.
  3. sweeet, ya the stuff running around here always looks pretty dam good.mostly indo too
  4. if you find good connects like that keep them as long as you can trust me, i know a few ppl that act like getting tons of seeds is no biggie but i dunno i would buy that stuff unless i was really hard up

  5. Yeah, you pay more for the weed because of the weight of the seeds. You can't smoke them, but I wouldn't be disappointed. I'd plant them.
  6. cache that shit and keep it. You can always attempt a grow if you have nothing else bettter to do w/ you time. Don't smoke seeds dude, it won't do anything for you. Either grow it, or throw it out, but don't smoke that crap.
  7. have fun at w w lol
  8. Douche. WTF do shoes have to do w/ anything??

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