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Seeds In my weed but still fire

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by breathmints, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. it looks awesome, I woudn't complain if it smokes well.

  2. If you have 100 seeds in an 8th then you'd barely have any bud to smoke cause the seeds would be all the weight
  3. Your signature is badass man, Mack is the shit..
    I've gotten dank weed with some seeds mixed in, it rarely happens but it doesnt matter as long as your bud is keepin ya good:hello:
  4. I got 3 seeds in a half pick up of dank buds the other week, i kept them and im probably going to plant them somewhere when it get a little warmer.
  5. If you bought in ounce and found a few seeds then thats pretty good.
    If you found a few seeds in a small pick up then it's not well grown thus conclude that your weed is not dank.
    What is the strain? I though super lemon haze won the high times 2010 and 2009.
  6. If you find seeds in weed that was grown with no males around, does that mean they are feminized seeds?
  7. As long as it was only a few seeds or less then thats all good, looks like some fire
  8. Last year I had a few of my crops get a few stray seeds because of pollen that was still present from a hermie previously. I didn't notice until after the harvest, but the bud was some of the best I've grown so far. But if an eighth has 100 seeds it's not going to be quality, because at that point it's going to be devoting so much energy and growth to developing the seeds and not the psychoactive cannabinoids, losing potency.
  9. Agree ...unless it has 100 seeds per eighth, that means the grower is a lazy fuck.

    My harvest came from hermie seeds (4/4 females), no hermies this round!!! :bongin:

    If you get one or two seeds out of some dank-ass weed, that shit is worth 10,000x it's weight in gold. 100 seeds out of an eighth? I'd throw it on the ground and piss on it for free.
  10. it just means a male got a little jizz on the female plant you are good man a couple seeds is no big deal.
  11. OP must be new to smoking
  12. As long as the buds were fully or almost fully mature before pollinating them, then it won't affect it much in terms of the high and all that, cuz once pollinated the plant stops working on the buds, and works on seed production, so as long as the plant is fully mature already then it really makes no difference.
    I once had some Grapefruit Diesel, some of best weed I've ever smoked and it had a couple seeds in the qtr I bought but as I said it was still some bomb ass bud. Such an intense high it was Grapefruit Kush x Sour Diesel from Portland, Oregon.
    Oregon got that bomb fire fire so good it make your nose bleed :D
  13. No its not super silver haze but it won the indica category ..
  14. thats nothing i picked up a cheap qp of seed weed and its got tons more seeds than that
  15. I sometimes get a seed in a good pickup and im saving them up. I think the black 1s are the good 1s but keep the white too because i think the whites are for cloning or something
  16. If it's dank, you're fine. Seeds just add extra weight.
  17. No, it does have to do with quality because if your bud has a lot of seeds in it that was energy that the plant wasted that could've gone to resin production.

    Now if you're a grower well then i wouldn't care as much, but for people who can't/don't grow finding seeds is never a good thing.
  18. The growers cant get every seed yo. Throw it away, save it, plant it doesen't matter. Toke on.
  19. If it's great weed, the more seeds, the better. The only reason why you find less seeds in higher quality weed is because the growers take the time to gather the seeds because they're actually worth picking out.

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