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Seeds In my weed but still fire

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by breathmints, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I got seeds in my weed but its still fire..i wonder why.. But they won 2009/2010 high time cannibis cup
  2. Pics or it didnt happin
  3. One or two seeds isn't really a concern. If it gets to the point where you get handfuls of them......that's a concern.
  4. looks like a pure sativa. Sucks it had seeds tho.
  5. Its some stank

  6. Ooh thx ..didnt know that
  7. Finding a few seeds once in a while in some good stuff is always a good thing.
  8. Every time I find seeds in some dank I plant me its a GREAT idea
  9. plant them
  10. Yeah, getting a seed or two in a bud is the fucking highlight for me. If i like the bud, i get to grow it myself. Its a win win.
  11. It's cool if there's only a little.
  12. Forgot to tell you be sure to grow that fire.

  13. So you'd take 1 seed because it's some dank ass shit and you could grow 1 plant of it, but if you got 100 seeds with your 1/8 of dank and you could grow 100 plants of dank you wouldn't like it?

    Yes, seeds are in usually lower quality weed, but if you shit is dank then there's seriously no problem unless you just have some sort of seed phobia.
  14. one time i had this crytally shit i mean dank i live in portland so all we have is dank, but it had one seed in a dub i should grown it but i ate it. tasted exactly like hemp milk
  15. Don't throw them away! Save them so you can grow some yourself! xD
    I've always dreamed of the day that I find a seed in some danky dank.
  16. like paying for their weight? You can grow 100 plants of dank with ONE seed.
  17. You ate it? What, you expected a plant to grow in your stomach?
  18. [quote name='"CHRHN"']
    You ate it? What, you expected a plant to grow in your stomach?[/quote]

    People have been eating cannabis seeds for thousands of years there really good for you
  19. Whether your weed has seeds or not has nothing to do with the quality. It just means the plant was a hermaphrodite instead of a female.

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