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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by smellypellet, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hi Gc can any one explain to me how it is at the end of flowering nearly ive just had about 4or5 seeds on 4 of my plants..As they all showed their sex ok 8 weekas ago and i am just about to harvest some great bud but found a few seeds on them are they hermies or some thing can any one explain..
  2. I don't think it's a hermi because it's so late in flower. It may be just a survival mechanism that triggers in some plants. Good thing it was only 4 seeds. Are these seeds at the outside of the bud or buried inside the bud? Before you chop you can inspect the bud(s) and try to find the source of the pollen. Not much you can do about it.

    There is a dark side. For all we know it is a hermied early on and the buds are ripe with seeds but all you can see are the ones near the surface. Imagine drying the buds and then crumbling it only to have 50 seeds fall out.
  3. for some reason when I read this the first thing that popped up was ya got a hermie... pollinated itself :( hopefully it was just a small small amount....

    Keep the seeds for next go around :)

  4. Unless you have some exotic strain Id shitcan them seeds.I'm thinkin hermie and it'll just keep happenin if ya plant em.I would bet that the problem multiplies as well.
  5. Did you find actual seeds or things that *look* like seeds? I ask because if you haven't harvested yet I'm wondering how you found seeds?
  6. Cheers for all you replys and yes the seeds are on the out side of the buds and its day 63 of flowering tomorow and trichomes are amberish and im going to chop friday ...

    Have inspected a few of the buds in middle and nothing but the weed smells and looks great ..

    cheers again
  7. some plants throw out bananas in late flowering, it happens.

    Be glad it was late flowering as the buds will still be potent as hell!

    Any pics?
  8. HEEEYY, it might not be a hermie folks. LIGHT STRESS caused my plant to make pollen.:mad:
    it sucked, but only one plants was really affected. and they were right next to eachother.

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