Seeds in flowers on day 39 of flowering

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Will it be full of seeds?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Hi guys, Last night while inspecting the plants I noticed some flowers that don't take light were producing seeds but I wasn't sure. Today I decided to take two small samples from some lower side branches and squeezing them I felt the seeds and there were a lot of them too! Now, a few seeds in the flowers doesn't scare me but what are the chances of the whole plant showing up like this? or even the whole plants? The flowers in the upper tops still have a lot of white pistils and still seem to be getting bigger and I have seen a few light green parts inside the flowers that seem to be producing seeds, so far I have noticed everything in the lower flowers. I'm afraid I'm going to find some buds that can't even be smoked
    (I really destroyed this one, I wanted to see how full it was) Immagine 2023-01-02 173704.png WhatsApp Image 2022-12-31 at 14.44.45.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2022-12-31 at 14.44.44.jpeg
  2. you better check one of the colas for seeds but really not much can be done about it you can still smoke it just have to deseed it like the old days sorry it happenens sometimes
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  3. 5 to 50 seeds from the whole plant is Rodelization.
    50 seeds per bud is full fertilization either a nearby male or a full blown Hermaphrodite.

    Shake it for the Kief and call it a day. All the seeds will make it oily and lower the taste quality. It didn't used to matter all that much but now if your not used to smoking seeded bud it can be a bit of a shock how bad it can taste.

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  4. He'll need a Led Zeppelin Album cover to remove the seeds with and I haven't seen an LP cover in years.

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  5. I have already checked the upper tops and with the flash I can see that there is some seed here and there but much less compared to the lower part. Now my question is whether it is possible that there are many more seeds hidden inside or if in theory it should always be visible if a seed is growing! Because the upper tops still seem to be producing flowers but I don't want to then actually have each calyx containing seeds! I don't understand if pollination occurs on all calyxes or only on those that are touched by pollen.... Anyway I have four plants and only 2 are showing me seeds and they are of the same genetics
  6. I'm still looking for somewhere herm but I can't really control given the net for scrog.... But I don't quite understand one thing...when pollinated do all calyxes form seeds or only those directly affected by pollen? More than anything else I would like to save at least 50% of the plant or at any rate figure out if I can somehow be okay with it and that only the lower part is full! If there should only be a few seeds here and there that is fine but if they were to be totally full it would be devastating
  7. Each seed requires direct physical contact with 2 grains of Pollen stick in my head. but each male flower contains 250k grains. LMAO. I don't remember the exact numbers but it would only take one well placed flower and your internal fan to blow it around the space and whammo.

    Usually I find just a handful of seeds per plant if at all. Regular Photoperiods is all I ran last summer and I haven't found a seed yet. Feminized tend to throw more nanners and seeds in general.

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  8. Fuck. I just hope they are not totally infested with seeds! I have two plants on the right that only extremely at the bottom have some seeds but at the top there seems to be nothing.. Could they just be covered by the flowers? Anyway I've read people too who claim that since they've been growing regular they have solved the problem although to be honest I've heard a lot of conflicting opinions from quite respectable people.. I will honestly just use regular seeds next though! I'm sick and tired of having problems like that. Unfortunately, I think the problem was a fimmed plant that started to warp and I didn't give it enough time to recover before I sent them into flowering.
  9. Any unfertilized flowering female Cannabis plant near the end can push out a male spike as its last gasp attempt to reproduce. It is hard wired into the species. Feminization, either way, Colloidal Silver or running them far past usual harvest can bring out and exacerbate this trait.

    I've grown for nearly 50 years with 40 harvests in just the last 10 years and feel 99% of Hermaphrodite issues are genetic rather then conditions. Nothing you did caused it. We didn't see a fraction of these issues in the days before the proliferation of Feminized seeds.


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