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Seeds in cannabutter?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SteelyT, May 9, 2011.

  1. I know you can use trim and leaves to make oil/butter, but could you also use the seeds that come in a standard bag aswell? I was wondering since I usually take the time to remove seeds but if it doesn't harm anything then I might stop.
  2. Leaving the seeds in would likely improve the nutritional level of your oil by adding omega 3.

    Nutritional Profile and Benefits of Hemp Seed, Nut, and Oil
    (full - 2003)

    Occurrence of "omega-3" stearidonic acid in hemp seed (full - 1996)
    \tOccurrence of "omega-3" stearidonic acid in hemp seed

    There's more on the nutritional benefits of hemp seed and its oil in my List (that first link in my sig) in the section "NUTRITION - Hemp seed oil".

  3. i would say to save the seeds and if you don't want to use them to grow then after you get enough either make hemp milk(REALLY GOOD imo) or hempnut butter(same process as peanut butter, i haven't tried it yet but i hear its much better than peanut butter) or use em to make flour and make hemp bread, or if you don't wanna save em, then just pop the suckers in your mouth
    hemp seeds(to the best of my knowledge, feel free to correct me if im wrong) contain ALL of your essential and fatty acids as well as a good source of omegas 3 6 and 9 and i believe they are something like 80% protein
    either way hemp is SUPER healthy for you and completely trumps whole wheat and other grains, so if you have a lot, don't incorporate em in to canna butter, but make a seperate recipe that you can share with friends neighbors and family LEGALLY(because the seeds are legal on federal level, though i think they have to be denatured before beign shipped in) and if anyone asks where you got the seeds just say you ordered em online

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