seeds in a twenty

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by weeder94, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. ok i jus bought a twenty and it was filled with seeds and i was wondering if i can grow them
  2. try and crush one between your thumb and forefinger. if it's solid, it will probably germinate.
  3. Seriously? Yea, you can grow em. The final product won't be anywhere as good as a Pedigree Strain, but as long as they aren't cracked, and they germinate, a plant will come. Bagseed sometimes has a higher rate of hermaphrodite. Throw them in room temp water for around 24hrs, the use the paper towel method. Other than that, search around. Good luck...:)
  4. depends on where you are of course, but sometimes commercial weed can be really, really good.

    way back in the day, when I still bought weed, I would occasionally get seeded brick that was outstanding. It was obviously from a source of quality genetics, but someone had been careless along the way and could no longer charge a premium for it.

    doesnt effect the seeds though. If that's what youre after, something like that would be a gold mine.

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