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  1. ok. im going to attempt to grow a decent plant or maybe a couple. I have never personally grown one, or even attempted to at that. to make things easier, i will tell you what my plans are so far. hopefully you can tell me how to do everything else and what i need. im planning on germinating my seeds with paper towel in a jar. the only thing is I have no seeds yet. anybody know a good place to get em? after they crack, i plan on putting one plant per five gallon bucket. i have no lights, fans, or anything. keep in mind, im just looking to grow a decent plant and actually be happy with the results. Im not looking to grow the best of the best. any tips would help. im not sure about lighting or temperatures or bulbs or anything.
  2. You can use CFL for light, probably your cheapest choice. You can buy these at home depot or any store like that. Daylight (6500k) for veg growth, and Softwhite (2700k) for flowering. Go by actual wattage not equivalent wattage, the box will say something like 23 watts equivalent to 100 watt incadescent. So you have 23 watts total. A plant should require around 100 watts. Keep temperatures around 80 f. For fans you just want one that will circulate the air around the plant and keep temperatures in check. Decide whether you want a soil or hydro grow to determine what soil/medium/nutes you will require.


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