Seeds got over 100 degrees...

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  1. To start, I put my seeds in extra large styrofoam cups with holes in the bottom. The growing medium is high quality pharmasoil soil, designed for medical cannabis that I refined down to smaller, soft fine size particles using a coffee grinder to mimic a commercial seed starter mix. The cups have large zip lock bags rubberbanded tight over them to create a moist environment.
    I felt the temperature of the soil for the last few days and it felt warm to the touch. I decided to take the temp with a thermometer and noticed that it was 102 degrees F.
    Is there any hope that they will pop and grow? Or are they dead?
  2. Move to a slightly cooler spot and wait
    Seeds are pretty resilient if they dont sprout than you screwed up
    but I doubt that
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  3. Thanks man! I appreciate the great advice! Will do...
  4. You want the seeds to be in a warmer environment when germinating
    They sell heat mats that you put under them to keep them warm
    Don't cool it down to much 70-80 should be fine
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  5. Seeds grow in the wild and germinate at over 100degs all the time
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  6. Anything yet
    Keep us in the loop when they do pop
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  7. Don't over water them you will drown them
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  8. Thank you! I've been keeping them moist but I'm definitely holding back on the water so as not to keep them wet.
    4 of 8 popped through yesterday morning, which seemed really fast to me since they're only been in the soil for 4 days.
    Should I keep the plastic ziplocks over the top of the cups now that they've popped? And how much sun should they be getting as new seedlings? I don't want to cook them and I'm not sure if 100 degrees is going to be safe for them?
  9. If you have plastic over them you really should not need to water ( unless it is very Dry where you live)
    The plastic will trap in the moisture and return it to the soil.
    Leave it in place as long as it does not interfere with the new seedlings for another couple days (once again unless it is Hot where you have them. The other seeds should and will pop unless them drown or are just dudes.
    It happens, Hey 4 out of 8 is not bad your 1st time Don't sweat it.
    Once they get close to the plastic before touching it remove it (like a said a few days maybe Just watch it and let the plants tell you.
    Are you going in separate pots or one big one? If one big one , let them get a little bigger before you transplant them.
    Join in some of the beginners threads here and everyone will jump in to help you.
    Just be friendly and obey the rules
    Good Luck
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  10. Is it 100 degs in your whole house
    That is very high but they will still grow You will need to stay on top of the watering s once they get growing
    Join in a good group here and read read read...........................
    Check this one out for starts
    New Growers Unite
    Welcome to the City
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  11. Hurray! 7 of 8 came up and I dug out the 8th to take a look at it then put it back. It's slowly working it way out also.
    The plants were outside but I moved them inside under artificial lights after the 4th day. Then all 7 of 8 had popped by the next morning. My plants are at the 3rd leaf now and they've been in soil for ten days so far with no presoaking. The light are putting off a concentration of 800 to 1000 lumens at the plants tops and I run the lights 24/7.
    I also added a little bit of rooting hormone to the seedlings when I first planted them, as someone suggested on a youtube video, and I'm assuming that it's helped the seeds.
    There is a slight white speckling on some of the leaves and I don't know what that could be or if its just normal? Its clearer in the 2nd pic.

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  12. Yes, I'll be growing them in separate 5 gallon pots. Thanks for the guidance, I'll remove the plastic as soon as the leaves get too close to touching which is probably going to be soon.
  13. I would take plastic off now the plants need air to grow
    Good Job
    good Luck
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  14. what type of lights are they under
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  15. Yes, cfl and leds.

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